Supreme-x Aero P-3.91 Outdoor LED Display

Ösel Supreme-X Aero is amazingly lightweight and at the same time, durable and tough enough to withstand the forces of nature like strong winds and corrosion as it is built with super durable aviation alloy. These outdoor LED signage screens are just 3 cm in thickness compared to 20 cm in other conventional outdoor LED digital signage screens. Supreme-X Aero is one of the most advanced outdoor LED signage screens and has both the signal and power cable integrated inside the cabinet for easier maintenance. This kind of innovation has minimized fire hazards by reversing of the circuit. It also has a self-contained heat-dissipation function that helps it endure extreme temperatures ranging from -45° C to +65° C.

As a leading original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of LED digital signage, Ösel offers great picture quality due to its superior calibration technology. It also offers major advantages in structural, labour, installation and cooling cost, making it one of the most effective outdoor digital signage solutions anywhere. Ösel Supreme-X Aero P-3.91 Outdoor LED Display is one of the best options in commercial digital signage displays for outdoor advertising and offers the most optimum features and benefits that ensures an excellent return on your investment.


Easy Maintanence

Easy Maintenance

Compared to most other conventional cabinets of outdoor digital LED signage, Supreme-X Aero just weighs half of a conventional cabinet. No additional space is needed for maintenance work and the installation method can be chosen flexibly depending on the area where the signage is displayed.
front and rear serviceable

Front & Rear Serviceable

The modules in a Supreme-X Aero digital signage cabinet can be disassembled from both the front and rear sides, which makes maintenance really easy. As one of the most effective digital signage solutions that offers such easy access it enables both front and rear maintenance with relative ease.
High Contrast

High Contrast

The high contrast in Supreme-X Aero commercial digital signage displays ensures perfect brightness of the pictures even in broad daylight. They produce powerful visuals and flicker-free images for great viewing experience mainly because they are backed by great processing technology and high refresh rate.
Large viewing angle

Large Viewing Angle

Supreme-X Aero offers a viewing angle of up to 160°, which makes it easier for the viewers to notice it. A wide angle view is one of the vital features in a signage that sets it apart as a high quality product in its category. Viewers can get a clear look at the LED screen even from acute angles.
Seamless splicing

Seamless Splicing

Seamless splicing is an essential feature of a good outdoor LED digital signage board as it merges the outlines of modules making up the complete screen. This ensures an uninterrupted picture frame across the display screen, which is a key feature of high picture quality.
Thin and light

Light & Thin

A Supreme-X Aero digital LED signage is easy to handle, transport and install as it has an ultra-slim body with a screen thickness of 3 cm, making it around 50% lighter than conventional digital signage systems. This ensures substantial savings for the owners and operators.



Airports are among the busiest places in any city and its surrounding areas. Advertising in the exteriors of airport terminal buildings as well as billboards in and around the parking lot with Supreme-X Aero outdoor LED board can help brands attract the attention of high-flying business travellers who are usually frequent flyers travelling across different destinations.


Hotels located in tourist and business destinations attract lots of visitors throughout the year especially if they have a reputation of great service and reasonable pricing. Supreme-X Aero outdoor digital advertising display screens on hotel perimeter and building exteriors can attract the attention of numerous tourists and business professionals visiting the hotel.


Educational institutions communicate with their audiences throughout the year and not just in their own campuses but also in places frequented by young people. Using Supreme-X Aero outdoor digital signage display in India can help educational institutes attract students looking for professional and other courses that hold a career promise.

Shopping mall

Shopping mall exteriors are increasingly becoming outdoor display advertising hotspots. The biggest of brands want to be visible in these locations as they attract the attention of multitudes of viewers throughout the year. Using Supreme-X Aero outdoor digital advertising display screens on these locations can ensure great ROI.

More Details

Pixel Pitch 3.91
LED Type SMD 1921
Module Resolution(WxH) 256 x 128dots
Module Dimensions 250 X 500 X 26
Module Weight(KG) 13.8 kg/Cabinet
Cabinet Dimensions 500 x 1000 x 90
Brightness ≥5000

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