Electronic LED Poster

Our slim-design, electronic LED posters for outdoor environments will make you forget all the hassles and restrictions that come with maintaining paper posters. These high-resolution and high-brightness wonders are enclosed inside IP65 weather-resistant cases to deliver exceptional performance 24/7. Simply store the text/pictures/animations you want to display in a flash drive and plug into the poster’s USB port.


  • Hotels – Place these in the lobby or any other venue to welcome guests, share floor maps, announce specials, etc.
  • Shopping malls – Show everything from advertisements and discounts to floor guides and service information
  • Corporates – Use these posters to welcome guests, display all kind of employee notices, share news, etc.
  • Restaurants – Share digital menu, today’s specials, special liquor promotions, food festival announcements, et al
  • Multiplexes – Showcase movie posters, ticket prices, information about special screenings, and more
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