LED Display Manufacturer in Greater Noida, India

Ösel is one of the few original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) of LED signage display systems in India. We manufacture the full range of LED display panel systems including all the major components at our ultra-modern plant in Greater Noida, in Delhi NCR. We also offer, off-the-rack, integration-ready and bespoke HD LED display solutions. The LED display solutions we offer, are designed for indoor, outdoor and semi-outdoor settings that essentially covers all the major locations of LED display panel systems. The material used to manufacture Ösel are robust and durable even in the most challenging environments. Ösel assures you the highest levels of customer care and project management services.


Indoor LED Display

Ösel’s dynamic, stunning, and cutting-edge indoor LED display solutions are meant for applications

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Outdoor LED Display

Designed to survive in the harshest environ- ments, Ösel’s rugged outdoor LED display solutions

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Rental LED Display

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor rental applications, Ösel RentÖ comes with dynamic contrast

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Optimum Digital Display Solutions Across Applications

The range of LED display solutions that Ösel manufactures, are designed to meet the requirements of several users across industries and businesses. Here’s how they stack up – Ösel Primea LED display is slim, smart and dynamic, offering excellent content delivery. Ösel Adhesive LED display is an innovative product that comes as a thin, see-through LED film which can be pasted onto any glass surface. Ösel Supreme-X Pro is an ultra slim outdoor LED display weighing half as much as other LED systems in this category. Ösel CarryO is a plug and play portable digital poster that requires no installation, no training, no parameter setting.


Indoor LED Display

Ösel’s dynamic, stunning, and cutting-edge indoor LED display solutions are meant for those applications where image quality really matters. Catch the eye of your visitors with deeper colors and higher brightness with our easy-to-install, long-lasting indoor LED displays. Ösel’s next-gen indoor LED display solutions are perfect for a wide range of applications like retail, advertising, museums, weddings, events, airports, schools, restaurants, etc.Know more…

Ösel offers a wide range of options in terms of pixel pitch and brightness that are relevant to several applications with specific requirements. The viewing experience on Ösel digital LED signage displays is further enhanced with different degrees of viewing angles to suit the specific applications. Know more…

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Outdoor LED Display

Designed to survive in the harshest environments, Ösel’s rugged outdoor LED display solutions are industry-renowned for their unbeatable reliability. These large format outdoor LED screens offer a deep contrast to make the images sharper and the colors pop. A remarkably high brightness level ensures pixel-perfect pictures at all times – even in direct sunlight – throughout the lifecycle of the product. Know more…

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Rental LED Display

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor rental applications, Ösel RentÖ comes with dynamic contrast and ultra-HD picture perfect display quality to deliver unprecedented viewing pleasure to the audience. Its lightweight and slim cabinet makes handling convenient and saves on labor costs. The unique design of the product is apt for quick installation and disassembly, allowing even a single-person to complete cabinet connection as desired. Know more…

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LED Video Wall

With the discerning consumer no longer being impressed by a bunch of television sets stacked together in a grid, LED video walls have grown in popularity in the past few years. Unlike LCD TVs and their thick bezels, LED display walls come with seamless splicing and the ability to showcase high-resolution visual content as if it were being played on a single screen. Know more…

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LED Display Screen

Do you want to catch the attention of distracted or unreceptive customer with LED screen advertising? Or are you looking for an LED screen display or LED display systems which are uncomplicated but loaded with a multitude of capabilities? Designed to get you noticed, Ösel’s LED screen display boards are sleek, lightweight, and extremely easy to use. Transform your vision into a reality and create stunning visualizations even in the most challenging locations. Know more…

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LED Display Board

Reliable and efficient, LED display boards by Ösel are primed to transform any space into a stunning viewing experience and help brands establish their unique place in a visually-competitive world. From providing off-the-rack, integration-ready LED advertising boards to crafting bespoke, completely customizable and scalable LED display boards, Ösel enables businesses to showcase compelling and impactful visualizations that engage, inform, and delight customers. Know more…

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Why Choose Us


Return On Investment

Display multiple messages on a single screen as against a single message/image on a printed display board with our excellent products at reasonable cost that increases options for earning more revenue.

One Stop Shop

Ösel is a leading original equipment manufacturer of LED display solutions with an inhouse technical team for software integration that allows us to provide all spares and support locally.

Trusted Brand

Ösel is a sought-after LED display solution because of its price advantage and quality. Ösel has full-fledged manufacturing facilities in India, allowing it the cost advantage, which it passes on to the buyer.

In-House Expertise

Ösel is an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of LED display solutions with a highly talented technical team for software integration. Ösel LED display solutions can be operated across the country.

Wide Partners Networks

Ösel has a global and national network of strategic partners for technological cooperation, supply chain management and post-sales support. A fast-growing company needs to be well represented.

3Years Of Legacy

In the three years that Ösel has been around, it has won the hearts of business-owners across industries with top quality products and excellent support even in the most challenging environments.

Our Digital Display Products

LED Display For Hotel

Digital signage has emerged as a crucial brand-image builder for hotels and resorts, helping these properties to deliver an immersive experience that matches the expectations of today’s millennials.
Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Education

Today’s students are digital natives. It is hard to create an impression on them with static messages. Which is why a New Age educational institute must cut through the paper clutter and give itself a facelift it truly needs and deserves.
Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Airport

Though there would always be those who like to live life on the edge and arrive at the gates just as they were closing, the majority of flyers habitually reach the airport with lots of time to spare.
Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Shopping Mall

The retail sector in India is going through a fresh period of growth. But even as retail spaces mushroom throughout the country, not all are able to operate successfully.
Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Command & Control Center

Information hubs like command and control centers have unique needs when it comes to visualization solutions. When rapid and data streams need to be continuously processed, you need a system that is flexible, responsive and available 24×7.
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LED Display For Broadcast

There are few industries that are as dynamic and fast-paced as broadcast.When data and video footage streams in from multiple sources 24×7, the display solutions used by broadcast industry need to be robust, dependable, immersive, and realistic.
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LED Display For Corporate

Corporate communications is a serious factor contributing to the success of businesses. Osel’s digital LED signage solutions enable businesses to take their corporate communications beyond desktop and mobile devices to large format display both indoors as well as outdoors.

Case Study On Ambience Mall

Ambience Mall, Gurugram is one of the largest malls in Delhi NCR and houses almost all the major retail brands both national and international. The mall has plenty of space inside for display of large format signage advertising and marketing communication.
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Case Study On Doordarshan

Doordarshan is the national broadcaster of India with a countrywide network of studios and with headquarters at Mandi House in New Delhi. Doordarshan have been using a few rented video walls in its studios at the Mandi House headquarters and a few other locations across the country.
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January 15, 2024

Why Choose OSEL for Retail Digital Signage?

1. Tailored for Retail Spaces: We understand the unique demands of retail environments. Our solutions are meticulously crafted to seamlessly integrate with various retail spaces, ensuring […]
January 11, 2024

Unlocking Retail Excellence: Osel Digital Signage Solutions

In the dynamic world of retail, first impressions matter. The facade of a store, the cashier backdrop, pillars, and entryways serve as the canvas upon which […]
March 23, 2023

5 Reasons Why Digital Signage is a Must For Retail Industry

Enhance your in- store experience and customer engagemnts by replacing your static and boring flex facades with LED Digital Signage. 1. Increase customer footfall : Dynamic […]

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This company manufactures the full range of LED display panel systems including all the major components at its ultra-modern plant in Greater Noida, Uttar Pradesh.


What Our Client Says

  • PVR


    "We don’t like noisy indoor digital signage systems and that’s why we think our Ösel display systems are so valuable. These P3 LED signage displays don’t make any noise at all in addition to the high definition pictures and wide viewing angle. It has improved our ability to display important messages and advertisements and attract more customers to our mall. Ösel is now our strategic partner for LED in PVRs."

  • Giant Cycles

    Giant cycles, Mumbai

    "One of the best features of our Ösel LED signage boards is that they consume much less power compared to all the other LED display systems we have used so far. As a result we are now able to display our messages for longer durations and that is helping us communicate more to our customers. In addition to that, we get great picture quality and easy to use content management system. This has increased footfalls at our mall. "

    Giant Cycles
  • X Mall

    X Mall, Noida

    "We wanted high quality digital LED signage boards at our mall and when we saw the P3 indoor displays from Ösel for the first time, we knew that we have found what we were looking for. Such brilliant picture quality makes a statement about our indoor digital signage. It has improved our customer engagement and improved footfalls at our mall. "

    X Mall
  • Danube

    Danube, Hyderabad

    "One particular attribute that we wanted for our indoor LED display signage was ease of use and that was what Ösel offered, along with many other advantages. We’re fully satisfied with the maintenance functionality of the P3 indoor display signage. Our maintenance staff can easily handle the components, which are light in weight but also very robust and durable. This makes it highly economical too. "

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