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Do you want to catch the attention of distracted or unreceptive customer with LED screen advertising? Or are you looking for an LED screen display or LED display panel which are uncomplicated but loaded with a multitude of capabilities? Designed to get you noticed, Ösel’s LED screen display boards are sleek, lightweight, and extremely easy to use. Transform your vision into a reality and create stunning visualizations even in the most challenging locations.

As an ingenious LED display screen manufacturer, Ösel uses the highest-quality components to deliver ultra-HD image quality and flicker-free videos. Capable of fulfilling all your display necessities with amazing flexibility, our LED display systems, LED screen panels are suitable for 24/7 operations even in the harshest of environments.

Application areas

Indoor and outdoor advertising, shopping malls, hospitals, banks, corporates, government offices, pavilions, hotel, stadiums, events, exhibitions, cultural tourism, commercial real estate, railways stations, post offices, control rooms, and more.

Indoor LED Screen

  • Brighter than bright: Our indoor LED screens come with super high-density pixel pitch and offer 100% visibility even in broad daylight

  • Lightweight cabinets: Using the highest-quality die-cast aluminum, Ösel makes sure its outdoor LED screen display boards are lighter than traditional LED screens by at least 30%

  • Highly customizable: Simply decide the shape, size, color, and pixel pitch, and we will take care of the rest. Ösel’s indoor LED screens can be installed in irregular shapes like circles, columns, ellipses, triangles, spheres, etc., too

  • Low maintenance: Easy to set up and install, these indoor LED screen display boards require minimal maintenance but offer both front and back maintenance modules for ease and convenience

  • Dynamic content update: Showcase choice content easily and update it as frequently as you wish with Ösel’s intuitive program management software

Outdoor LED Screen

  • Maximum attention: With images that are clear, vivid, and consistent irrespective of the weather or the position of the sun, outdoor LED screens by Ösel attract maximum attention for your brand

  • Rugged design: Each module undergoes a battery of lab tests to achieve certifications as high as IP68 and make sure no amount of rain or dust will damage your outdoor LED screen

  • Highly scalable: Starting small but may want to scale up in the future? All outdoor LED screens by Ösel are standardized to ensure scalability and provide complete flexibility to the customer

  • Super-wide viewing angles: Target thousands of customers in a single day with impressively large viewing angles on all Ösel outdoor LED screens

  • Dual maintenance: The entire installation does not need to be taken down in case of scheduled maintenance or if there’s no space in the back. With a fully-serviceable front module, outdoor LED screen panels by Ösel ensure fast and quick maintenance

  • Energy savings: With guaranteed energy-savings of more than 30%, as compared to traditional LED screens, Ösel’s outdoor LED panels help you save on power bills

LED Display Screen FAQs

What is an LED Display Screen?
An LED display screen is like a giant television or computer monitor. The screen itself is made from numerous little light emitting diodes (LEDs) placed close together. Each LED emits three colours – Red, Green and Blue – which together light up as needed to produce a range of colours for both still and moving images. The LEDs are not visible from a distance; what is visible is a picture created by all the LEDs working and changing colour in sequence.
What is LED Display Screen Pixel Pitch?
Pixel pitch is the distance between the centre points of two adjacent pixels on an LED display screen. The unit is usually in millimetres (mm) and the pixels are equally spaced in the horizontal and vertical directions. There are also variants such as transparent LED display screen, for example, P5 has a pixel pitch of 5mm.
Why use an LED Display Screen instead of an LCD Screen?
LED screens are a completely different technology as compared to LCD screens and are designed to function differently. LCD screens are designed primarily for indoor close viewing on a small scale. LED screens are designed for indoor and semi-outdoor displays as well as large scale, high impact displays that can even be installed outdoors in bright sunlight and still deliver great picture quality.
What is the difference between an LED TV and LED Display Screens?
An LED display screen is just a specific type of LCD display screen and its proper name would actually be ‘LED-backlit LCD display screen’ but over time, it became popularly known as LED display screen. LCD display screen uses cold cathode fluorescent lamps (CCFLs) to provide backlighting, whereas LED-backlit LCD display screens use an array of smaller, more efficient light-emitting diodes (LEDs) to illuminate the screen.
How do I decide what LED Display Screen is right for me?
There a few factors that determine what screen and size of screen will be right for your event. These include how close your audience are to the screen, the audience size and if your event is being held indoors or outdoors. The easiest option is to give us a call on +91-7290088651/52 and allow us to share detailed insights and information that will help you in your decision.
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