Supreme-X Mesh Outdoor LED Display P8.33 X 12.5

Ösel Supreme-X Mesh outdoor digital signage screen is the ideal solution for large screen outdoor installations especially glass facades of buildings. It is large in size but not in weight and is easy to move and install. This LED display board comes with strong wind resistance features that improve its life and efficiency even in 24/7 working environments. As an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) of high quality LED digital signage, Ösel offers great viewing experience due to its superior calibration technology. Get excellent features like high strength and durability that makes it one of the most effective outdoor digital advertising display screens. It has ultra-slim cabinets that are light and very easy to handle. Over all, this is an excellent digital signage display in India for outdoor advertising offering excellent returns on your investment.


Less Wind Load

Less Wind Load

Supreme-X Mesh LED board is designed especially for the harsh outdoor environment. It offers a high-strength cabinet that comes with 12% transparency and strong wind resistance.
Slim and seamless

Slim and Seamless

With ultra-slim and light body Supreme-X Mesh digital signage solutions makes transportation and installation easy. It also offers seamless splicing that gives an unparalleled viewing experience.
High refresh rate (1)

High Refresh Rate

Supreme-X Mesh digital LED wall has high refresh rate and processing technology that ensures powerful visuals and flicker-free images, which improves viewing experience considerably.
Cloud control

Cloud Control

For better management of content, Supreme-X Mesh has multi-screen networked control and monitoring through Cloud digital signage software.
Safety and security

Safety and Security

Supreme-X Mesh digital signage screen can withstand high-pressure environments as it is tested to deliver IP68 protection validated by strong laboratory trials.



Airport advertising with Supreme-X Mesh LED board can help you reach high-flying business travellers who also happen to be frequent flyers in most cases. The glass façade of airport terminal buildings as well as billboards in and around the parking lot are ideal places to catch the viewers’ attention.


Hotels attract lots of visitors throughout the year, where the Supreme-X Mesh digital advertising display screens can attract customers with updates about the hotel and its offers as well as the locale. It can also display ads and updates of other sub-brands of the hotel as well as about events taking place inside.


Educational institutions, especially those offering vocational programs, have a lot to communicate to their audiences throughout the year. Supreme-X Mesh outdoor digital signage display in India especially in places frequented by young people help educational institutions communicate with their audiences.

Shopping mall

The exterior façades of shopping malls are some of the most expensive outdoor display advertising locations anywhere. The Supreme-X Mesh digital advertising display screens add a great deal of value to the communication of a brand on mall exteriors, helping them earn additional revenue.

More Details

Pixel Pitch 8.33 x 12.5
LED TYPE SMD1515 3-in-1LED
Module Resolution(WxH) 120 x 40dot
Module Size(mm) 500mm X 1000 X 68mm
Module Weight(KG) 5 – 8 kg/Cabinet
Power(MAX/AVG) 300/100(W)
Transparent Rate 25%
Brightness >6500

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