LED Solutions for Command and Control Centers

Information hubs like command and control centers have unique needs when it comes to visualization solutions. When rapid and data streams need to be continuously processed, you need a system that is flexible, responsive and available 24×7.

In mission-critical environments, you need:

  • A solution that would show real-time, high-quality videos

  • A solution that would seamlessly display data from a wide variety of sources

  • A solution that would not limit you while you’re making mission-critical decisions

Ösel is a leading designer, manufacturer, and integrator of LED display screens for mission-critical environments. We provide personalized, scalable display solutions that enable 24×7 operations. With wide viewing angles, seamless visual stitching, ultra-high picture quality, and fast refresh rates, our display solutions are immersive, realistic, dependable, and just the thing you need to streamline your operations.

Data Center Management

Oversee the central data management and simplify operational control in corporate environments

Most used by: Data-centric private organizations

Civil Management

Centrally manage and control government-owned civil functions like traffic management and CCTV surveillance

Most used by: Government agencies, municipal bodies, police, and private organizations

Tactile Operation Management

Manage and control military operations and govern the activities of police and intelligence agencies

Most used by: Military, Police, and Central Intelligence Agencies

Space Operations Management

Carry out mission operations of all operational satellites and serve as the hub for interfacing with and controlling rockets

Most used by: Public and private space organizations

Business Application Management

Ensure customer-critical applications like utilities are always available and running as intended

Most used by: Power companies, water management organizations, gas pipeline operators, etc.

Emergency or Crisis Management

Direct people, resources, and information to avert a crisis and minimize impact should an incident occur

Most used by: Government agencies, humanitarian organizations, NGOs

Air Traffic Management

Ensure safe, orderly, and expeditious flow of air traffic in the global air traffic control system

Most used by: Airports

Stock Portfolio Management

Profitably buy and sell equity securities in publically traded companies across the globe

Most used by: Stock exchanges and trading organizations

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