DOOH Display Solutions

Ösel offers world-class DOOH LED display solutions to the vast Indian market as well as the global market. DOOH or digital out of home display solutions refer to dynamic outdoor and semi-outdoor LED display screens and is essentially the digital variant of OOH. The OOH industry in India is almost entirely static and DOOH digital signage screens have hardly touched 2-3% of the market.

The OOH display market in India has been dependent on costly and complex imports with unreliable servicing support, which is one of the drawbacks of imported products. Ösel has established a state-of-the-art manufacturing facility for indigenous production of LED display screens in India and backs it up with best-in-class servicing support. This allows Indian OOH companies to make the transition to LED displays more easily.

Variation of Display Solution :


Ösel digital out of home advertising display solutions are designed to meet the specific needs of the Indian billboard display industry, which almost entirely comprises of static printed PVC flex signage screens. These carry a single message of a single advertiser on a single screen for a minimum duration of one month. Making the transition to digital LED billboards will allow display of multiple ads and messages. This allows the DOOH media companies to charge lower display rates and earn higher revenue on aggregate.

Mall Exterior

Malls usually have massive facades and elevation that allow these spaces to be utilized in the most prolific manner with Ösel OOH video screen displays that will create an excellent impact on viewers. The huge advantage of high definition picture quality that these LED displays offer, can carry the message of any brand to a different level. At the same time, the huge size of this screen will transform the viewing experience and allow the mall to earn additional revenue from promotional displays of different brands as well as its own proprietary brands. The store can earn substantial revenues by running ads of such brands on these outdoor displays.

Railway Station Exteriors

The major railway stations in India are usually located in some or other busy area of the town or city where they are located. In such locations the large format display spaces are always on premium, giving the railway station an excellent locational advantage. All the big businesses and brands would love to be seen on these screens and would pay very good rates if they get to display their video ads. Ösel video advertising screens that offer high definition picture quality and great refresh rate, can really make a strong impact on viewers. Advertising on a video wall in such locations can add tremendous value to any brand communication.

Airport Exteriors

India has some of the best airport terminals in the world and many more are being added to this list at great speed. Airports are hubs of the most premium format of travel and understandably, is used by affluent folks. The big ticket brands are always on the lookout for such locations where their ads and messages can make the right impact. Ösel’s OOH video signage has the right attributes to make the right impact on this audience and present a great viewing experience.

Bus Stations Exteriors

Bus transportation is a very important segment of India’s fast-growing road transport sector. It involves both intra-city commute as well as inter-city travel and has a massive network of vehicles operating in several routes. There are bus depots and bus stands at specific places on almost all these routes where large numbers of commuters and travellers wait for specific periods of time. These are the kind of locations that brands are keen to make themselves visible and Ösel’s DOOH digital signage is the ideal display solution for such brands. LED video walls in specific locations on hotel and club exteriors can create a huge impact on this audience.

Petrol Pumps

There are about 70,000 petrol pumps scattered all across the country and almost all of them are doing brisk business due to the massive demand for automobile fuel. On average every motorist that drives into a petrol pump, waits for around 5 minutes in the queue. Most such motorists are affluent and it’s the kind of captive viewership for which, most brands are ready to pay very high display rates. With Ösel’s high quality digital out of home advertising display boards, petrol pumps can earn hefty additional revenue. It also makes it easy for the pumps to avoid polluting static PVC flex signage. LED video walls in specific locations on hotel and club exteriors can create a huge impact on this audience.


Digital signage solutions are truly environment-friendly as they have a lifespan of well over a decade depending on usage, handling and maintenance. To understand how much carbon pollution a single digital OOH video signage prevents during its lifespan, the total number of ads/messages a dozen static display screens carry in a decade, needs to be computed. That’s because DOOH displays multiple ads/messages on a single screen whereas static signage displays one ad/message per screen. Let’s consider a ballpark average of 12 static signage screens equalling one dynamic digital signage although it can be well over twice that figure. The display scope and environmental preservation potential of digital signage is generations ahead of static signage.

LED Display For Hotel

Digital signage has emerged as a crucial brand-image builder for hotels and resorts, helping these properties to deliver an immersive experience that matches the expectations of today’s millennials.

Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Education

Today’s students are digital natives. It is hard to create an impression on them with static messages. Which is why a New Age educational institute must cut through the paper clutter and give itself a facelift it truly needs and deserves.

Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Airport

Though there would always be those who like to live life on the edge and arrive at the gates just as they were closing, the majority of flyers habitually reach the airport with lots of time to spare.

Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Shopping Mall

The retail sector in India is going through a fresh period of growth. But even as retail spaces mushroom throughout the country, not all are able to operate successfully.

Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Command & Control Center

Information hubs like command and control centers have unique needs when it comes to visualization solutions. When rapid and data streams need to be continuously processed, you need a system that is flexible, responsive and available 24×7.

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LED Display For Broadcast

There are few industries that are as dynamic and fast-paced as broadcast.When data and video footage streams in from multiple sources 24×7, the display solutions used by broadcast industry need to be robust, dependable, immersive, and realistic.

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LED Display For Corporate

Corporate communications is a serious factor contributing to the success of businesses. Osel’s digital LED signage solutions enable businesses to take their corporate communications beyond desktop and mobile devices to large format display both indoors as well as outdoors.

Case Study On Ambience Mall

Ambience Mall, Gurugram is one of the largest malls in Delhi NCR and houses almost all the major retail brands both national and international. The mall has plenty of space inside for display of large format signage advertising and marketing communication.

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