Skylight Transparent LED Display P-31.25

Ösel Skylight transparent digital LED display solution is a wall-mounted fixed display that matches perfectly with the glass surface and also offers customization for different settings. It offers excellent balance between high transparency and high brightness and matches perfectly with the glass surface and also offers customization for different settings. This lightweight digital signage ensures very low cost of maintenance as it has cabinets made of lightweight aluminium that are very easy to set up and install.

Skylight transparent LED digital signage solutions are versatile and transparent LED display systems that ensure a great viewing experience with their pixel pitch of 31.25 mm and brightness of 7,500 NIT along with optimum viewing distance.
These versatile and transparent LED display solutions have a module size of 32 x 16 mm and module resolution of 64 x 32 dots. The LED strips are easy to replace as the panels weigh just 5-8 kgs each, which means they need not be replaced, making maintenance real easy.


Low maintenance

Low Maintenance

It is quite easy to set up, install and maintain Skylight transparent LED display screen due to the minimum servicing that they require. The LED strips on the module are easily replaceable, while the modules are left intact.
brighter than bright

Brighter Than Bright

Skylight transparent LED display panel has been designed to produce high brightness even in broad daylight as it has a very high-density pixel pitch to deliver such brightness. LCDs or printed static signage can’t get anywhere near in comparison.
Modular design

Modular Design

A lightweight aluminium design together with world-class LED technology, makes Skylight transparent LED display screen available in both out-of-the-box and custom sizes, meeting all the stringent requirements of customers.
unparalleled transparency

Unparalleled Transparency

Skylight transparent LED signage screen creates a great viewing experience without compromising on transparency as it has been designed for natural daylight to filter in easily. It perfectly balances high transparency and brightness.
Dynamic content management

Dynamic Content Management

Display of video or static content is quite easy on Skylight transparent LED display panel as it is integrated with an intuitive program management software. This software is a vital part of the signage solution, helping its operations.



Skylight transparent LED display screens can play a vital role in airport terminals for displaying important information and updates as well as promotional messages of big consumer brands. The affluent crowd that transit through the airports are valued highly by the big brands that display their ads here.


There are many updates that hotels need to share with their guests and visitors and Skylight transparent LED screens can make an excellent impact on the glass walls inside luxury hotels. Display of special offers at the coffee shop, bar and restaurant as well as at the lobby can create excellent impact on guests.


Skylight transparent LED display panels are ideal for educational institutions to improve the learning experience and also share updates and information with students and faculty. It offers display of multiple messages and updates across multiple screens on the many glass walls of the educational institutions.

Shopping mall

Glass facades are a common feature in the numerous retail outlets in shopping malls that are perfectly suited for Skylight transparent LED display screens. Balancing high transparency with high brightness, these displays effectively create a strong impact on the multitudes of visitors coming to the mall every day.

More Details

Pixel Pitch 31.25
LED Type DIP346
Module Resolution(WxH) 64 x 32 = 2048dot
Module Size(mm) 32 x 16
Module Weight(KG) 5-8
Driving Mode 16
Brightness ≥7500

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