Transparent LED Displays India

This revolutionary product comes in the form of a thin, see-through LED film which can be pasted onto any glass surface. Its high transparency rate and special self-adhesive material make transparent LED display screen a must-have for all stores and buildings. This easy-to-install LED display has a stealth appearance, so that when the display is turned off, it blends seamlessly into the glass and becomes unnoticeable. This is why transparent LED display has been widely adopted by airports, railway stations, subway entrances, banks, exhibition halls, shopping malls, etc., in the form of glass guardrails.


Easiest Installation

  • With the product sticking directly to any glass surface, its installation could not have been simpler

Slim and Super Light

  • Measuring only 1-3mm and weighing less than 3.5kg/㎡, Ösel’s self-adhesive LED puts no pressure on the glass and integrates seamlessly with its existing environment

Transparent and Flexible

  • While the high-transparency of the product ensures the view is not affected, its flexible body structure allows full customization in the installation area

Wide Viewing Angle

  • With a broad viewing span of 160°, there is no dead angle where the image is not seamless and the colors not perfectly blended

Integrated Design

  • The all-in-one, clean and perfect design ensures no components are visible on the screen and no heat dissipation system is needed

More Details

Specifications Details
Pixel Pitch 4×8 5×10 6×6 8×8 10×10 10×20 16×16 20×20
Transparency 55% 62% 50% 60% ≥60% ≥80% ≥85% ≥86%
Module Size(mm) 480X256 480X320 480X192 480X256 480X320 480X320 480X256 480X320
Module Weight(KG) 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5 0.5
Suitable Viewing Distance(m) ≥6 ≥8 ≥6 ≥8 ≥15 ≥15 ≥18 ≥20
Brightness ≦8000 ≦8000 ≦8000 ≦8000 ≦8000 ≦8000 ≦8000 ≦8000
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