Fence LED Display P12.5s

LED digital signage display P-12.5s from Ösel are short in height and long in width and combines super-wide viewing angles with high contrast and high image refresh rate. This make sure the visuals are equally impressive for both the in-stadium spectators as well as for those viewing the action on television. These LED displays are most commonly used around the entire boundary of the playing arenas. They offer seamless splicing, ultra-high brightness and wide viewing angles that ensure great viewing experience.

The digital signage solutions from Ösel’s Fence LED display P-12.5s units are perfectly suited for sporting arenas as they have a tough impact-resistant feature for absorbing hard contact with the sportsmen or their sporting gear like hard balls, bats, etc. These panels are made from IP-certified, completely waterproof soft and flexible material for resistance against rain, dust, grass clippings and of course, collision with players. It has a pixel pitch of 12.5 mm, module resolution of 24 x 24 dots and module size of 24 x 24 mm.


Impact resisteant

Impact Resistant

Fence LED commercial digital signage displays have damage resistant modules made from IP-certified, fully waterproof, soft and flexible material. It helps protect them against the impact of collision with players.
Seamless splicing

Seamless Splicing

Displaying a single comprehensive image without any gaps between the modules, fence LED signage screens offer a unique seamless splicing structure that ensure much better viewing experience for viewers.
Ultra High Brightness

Ultra-High Brightness

Fence LED signage screens cater to two types of viewers – those watching at the venue and those watching remotely on TV. They have ultra-high brightness and contrast ratios that offer great viewing quality, from afar as well as close range.
Wide viewing angles

Wide Viewing Angles

Viewing angles for fence digital LED panels installed all around the playing arena are vital for providing proper viewing angles and prevent reflections on the panels. Both TV viewers and spectators alike enjoy great viewing pleasure.



Fence outdoor LED digital signage boards are ideally suited for Indian cricket grounds that attract the attention of millions of cricket fans who follow the game in this country. The multi-million dollar advertising that takes place in cricket games, are entirely targeted on this huge fan base of cricket.


An indigenous game, the development of professional Kabaddi league is proof of the fact that Indian sports marketing has come of age. Fence outdoor LED digital signage solutions around the kabaddi-playing arenas is a vital part of such marketing as it helps brands tap the vast spectator base of Kabaddi.


One of the most-played game across the country after cricket, football enjoys strong appeal in different parts of the country and it still has a good fan-following. Fence dynamic outdoor LED digital signage display in India is perfect for advertising in football grounds around the country.


Fence outdoor digital advertising display screens around a badminton playing arena is a major media for brands to reach the growing millions of fans of the game in India, a global powerhouse in badminton today. The badminton playing arena is perfect for brands keen to reach out to the millions of fans.

More Details

Pixel Pitch 12.5s
LED Type SMD3535
Module Resolution(WxH) 24 x 24 = 576
Module Size(mm) 24 x 24 mm
Module Weight(KG) 38


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