Broadcast Control Room Solutions

There are few industries that are as dynamic and fast-paced as broadcast.When data and video footage streams in from multiple sources 24×7, the display solutions used by broadcast industry need to be robust, dependable, immersive, and realistic.

There needs to be a seamless connection between the large LED display panels and the SDI and A/V elements of the broadcast signals. Also, the indoor LED display must be able to reproduce the video and graphics content at the highest levels of quality.

To provide their audiences with a rich viewing experience, broadcasters need:

  • A seamless visual canvas of their desired shape and size

  • Perfect color calibration to avoid on-screen distortion

  • Uniform viewing angle from any camera position

  • Display designs that allow for creative flexibility

Ösel’s latest-technology LED display screens are the perfect solution to make any studio or newsroom look professional, polished, and modern. with Ösel by your side, you can stay confident that the image on your studio wall is exactly what your audience  at home will see.

Here are some ways in which your broadcast studio can use full-color LED lamp displays and moving LED signs from Ösel to give your customers an inimitable viewing experience:

News Bulletins (i)

You can get multiple displays to showcase stunning graphics, weather maps, or videos along with the news bulletin or special programs.


The broadcast studio where you interview prominent personalities can be made to look super futuristic with the help of LED displays.

Live Shows

Take your live audience programs to the next level with the help of stunning and immersive large LED display panels by Ösel.


Creating Exquisite backdrops for creative shows becomes a breeze once you have a full wave-length LED display panel installed.

News Bulletins (ii)

Or you can go for a single display along the breadth of the studio wall and a new dimension to the way you present news.

News Debates

Using LED display panels will allow you to show case the graphics and visuals you need to steer the news debate in the right direction.

Special program

The application of LED displays is not limited to the broadcast studios alone.Moving LED signs are an excellent way to keep your team of journalists and editors abreast of breaking news and make sure you always stay one step ahead of the competition.
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