Single And Dual Color Displays

Are you looking for a simple display board, but with a multitude of capabilities? Ösel’s single and dual color LEDs will fulfill all your display necessities with amazing flexibility. By connecting modules horizontally and vertically, this portable product can accommodate any display size without visible gaps or seams. The LED pitch will remain constant to give the impression of one big display board.

Versatile applications – Use our single and dual color displays to showcase any information you want – names of businesses, weather information, time and date, scores, speed, etc.

Character customization – Our products can accommodate several character sizes, formatting options, and graphic symbols

Dual-display format – All LED boards are also available in dual-display format to give you optimum visibility. The product is designed in a manner that the thickness is only slightly greater than a single display board, and the unit on a whole is solid. These boards can, in fact, even be mounted on the top of moving vehicles to get maximum traction.

Color options

  • Red

  • Green

  • White

  • Amber

  • Blue

  • Yellow

  • Any two color combination

Plug-ins – Our display boards can be equipped with a variety of plug-ins, including:

  • Internal battery

  • GPS receivers

  • Wi-Fi module

  • GSM modem

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