Supreme-X Pro

A revolutionary outdoor LED display, Supreme-X Pro is an ultra-slim, lightweight and easy-to-install product. Compared to traditional outdoor cabinets, Pro weighs almost 50% less. The unit thickness is also only 3cm, compared to the 20cm thickness of a traditional cabinet. Its integrated design encompasses the signal and power cable inside the cabinet itself, which means you neither have to reserve extra space for maintenance, nor do you have to worry about any damage to the building appearance. Supreme-X Pro is ideal for outdoor advertising, traffic guidance screens, exhibitions, conferences, stadiums, etc.


Safer and stable

  • While its integrated design minimizes the chance of electric fire resulting from the circuit being reversed, the connection failure rate is also reduced significantly because the product needs only four pieces of cable per square meter

Thinner and lighter

  • Weighing 50% less than traditional outdoor LED cabinets, Supreme-X Pro has a unit thickness of only 3cm and the overall thickness of 9cm (compared to the 98cm overall thickness of a traditional cabinet)

Dual Maintenance

  • Installation method can be flexibly selected according to the display area and application environment because Pro doesn’t require any reserved space for maintenance

Cost Savings

  • Corrosion-resistant, durable aviation alloy body saves on structural cost, labor cost, installation cost and cooling cost

In-built heat dissipation

  • With an extremely versatile working temperature range of -45°C to +65°C, Pro comes with a self-contained heat dissipation function

More Details

Specification Details
Parameter P15.625 P7.8 P6.25 P5.21
LED DIP346 SMD2727 SMD2727 SMD1921
Scan mode Static 1/4 1/8 1/8
Refresh rate >960HZ >960HZ >960HZ >960HZ
Nits >7000cd >5500cd >5500cd >5500cd
Max. Power Consumption 600W 800W 800W 800W
Avg. Power Consumption 200W 240W 240W 240W
Waterproof IP66 IP66 IP66 IP66
Size(mm) 500*1000*59.8 500*1000*57.3 500*1000*57.3 500*1000*57.3
Weight 26KG/㎡ 28KG/㎡ 28KG/㎡ 28KG/㎡
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