Flexible LED Display

Made from soft PCB and rubber material, Ösel’s soft and flexible LED indoor displays are ultimate for creative installations. Just tell our friendly sales team what you want and our clever engineers will transform your vision into reality. These soft LED displays give you total peace of mind by creating stunning visuals even in the most challenging environments. Think curved displays, decorative installations, vending and gaming applications, 3D effects and more because this product can be bent, rolled up, folded, or hung in any manner!

Features and benefits

Seamless panel connection: Panels are stitched together via magnetic connection. This magnetic buckle design also ensures fast installation and replacement.

Space-efficient: Since these soft and flexible LED displays are not enclosed inside a cabinet, they only take up 5mm space in thickness. So, you can install freely without worrying about space limitations.

Cost savings: Thanks to their light-weight design, up to 20 sq mts of soft LEDs can be packed inside one flight case. So, you get to save on both shipping and labor costs.

Easy servicing: With top and front access for service, maintenance becomes astonishingly quick and easy.

Highly customizable:  You decide the shape, size, color, and pixel pitch, and we will take care of the rest. With these soft and flexible LEDs, you don’t have to shy away from irregular shapes like circles, columns, ellipses, triangles, spheres, etc.

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