Outdoor LED Display for Education

Ösel’s outdoor LED digital signage displays are remarkably easy to use and operate. They can be used to share a wide variety of information, ensuring that the right message goes out to the right people at the right time. Give your educational institute a high-tech look, and enjoy the benefits of faster and efficient communication with Ösel’s rugged yet stunning digital displays, designed especially for outdoor use.

Building Façade

By installing Ösel’s outdoor LEDs near the entrance, educational institutes can not only enhance their brand value, they can also easily apprise visitors and passersby with the facility’s certifications, timings, contact information, etc.

Outdoor Stadium

Quickly update and share game scores and recognize the milestones of players with special graphics. Our rugged LEDs will help you create a professional and digitally-charged environment right inside your educational institute!

Upgrade the overall experience for your students and visitors with our wide range of indoor LED solutions for schools and colleges. Click below to learn more.

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