Primea Narrow Pixel Pitch (P-1.667)

Ösel Primea narrow pixel pitch P-1.5625 is known for its dynamic, high-resolution indoor display capabilities and 1.667 mm pixel pitch, considered to be the best narrow pixel pitch technology in the industry. It uses superior technology to deliver seamless, size-free splicing along with cooling modules that are fan-less and doesn’t produce any noise. This indoor signage has an excellent signal processing capability along with high refresh rate, suitable for 24/7 operational environments and offers a great viewing experience.

With a module resolution of 120 × 90 dots and screen dimension of 400 mm x 300 mm Ösel Primea indoor digital signage solutions have dual power backup, double wire backup and over-voltage protection to help users in mission-critical operations overcome power cuts. These indoor display solutions have a total lifespan of 100,000 hours and are available in several sizes, making them fully customizable for meeting the specific needs of users.


Pixel Perfect

Pixel Perfect

Primea indoor LED display screen delivers great picture quality even in close range as it has high-density pixels that combines high grey levels and low brightness. It delivers great image quality in 16:9 aspect ratio, which consistently ensures distortion-free images and great viewing experience overall.
Bezel free


The multiple modules in a Primea indoor LED display panel become a single unit as they are locked on to each other and seamlessly delivers best-in-class picture quality along with great viewing experience. The seamless, size-free splicing in this display system produces an excellent visual impact.
Easy Installation & Maintenance

Easy Installation And Maintenance

Primea indoor LED display screen has cabinets made of light-weight die-cast aluminium, which makes hanging and mounting the display panels quite easy and convenient. This allows the maintenance staff to avoid complicated disassembly and reassembly processes for overall panel maintenance.
Noise free


There are no fans in Primea indoor digital LED signage screens as they have been given an innovative metal cooling structure with fan-less modules. This is highly desirable in an indoor digital screen and is helpful in eliminating noise pollution. It is a major structural improvement and is highly desirable.
Prolonged Lifespan

Prolonged Lifespan

Primea indoor digital LED display board ensures excellent return on investment (ROI) with its impressive lifespan of 100,000 hours. Customer perception of most digital signage is formed on the basis of their durability or lifespan as well as their performance in demanding situations.



Using the multiple signage display screens in airports is something that the best brands would love to do. Primea indoor LED digital signage boards can offer immersive picture quality and an excellent viewing experience to well-heeled travellers inside an airport terminal building making it a win-win deal for all.


Primea indoor LED digital signage screens inside hotels are a great way to update guests and visitors who come to these hotels every day. From the banquet to the front office and from the coffee shop to the bar and much more. It helps hotels engage guests and visitors much more effectively.


Educational institutions usually have a lot of updates for their students. Use of Primea dynamic indoor LED digital signage display in India help such institutions to display high quality images to communicate with their students. Additionally, these digital display screens are used in classrooms as well.

Shopping mall

Primea indoor digital advertising display screens can attract large crowds in shopping malls making them prized locations for big brands looking for quality signage advertising space. The shopping malls can leverage the effectiveness of such LED display solutions to communicate effectively with their customers.

More Details

Pixel Pitch 1.667
Module Resolution(WxH) 120 x 90 = 10800
DIE 400 x 300
Module Weight(KG) 0.5
Module Power Consumption (W) Max <40
Driving Mode 30
Brightness >600cd

LED Display for Hotel

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Case Study On Ambience Mall

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