LED Video Wall Display

An LED video wall is a massive screen stretching edge to edge on a wall, displaying a spectacular panoramic view. Such display screens can be installed both outdoors on building facades as well as indoors. They have revolutionized LED display screens by presenting a vastly improved viewing experience. LED video walls from Ösel have redefined the LED display screen parameters with their highly advanced seamless splicing and high pixel pitch technology.

Highly advanced LED video wall display

LED video wall panels manufactured by Ösel are strongly built, much lighter in weight and durable. These video walls are ideal for heavy-duty operations and require minimal maintenance as they enable easy front access to the panels. Ösel LED video wall display offers 100,000 hours of service-life, which corresponds to a time-frame of over 10 years. Multiple messaging options and multiple display repetitions allows you to accommodate multiple advertisers, which boosts revenue.

Osel LED video wall display is fully customizable with any shape or size and can even be mounted on surfaces that are not flat. They are perfect for advertising and marketing, architectural beautification and creative installations among others. These LED video wall display panels have grown in popularity over the last few years. They have the ability to showcase high-resolution visual content as if it is being played on a single screen.

Perfect for both indoor and outdoor applications

Ösel’s LED video wall system has maximum impact in retail stores, shopping malls, movie halls, museums, banks, railway stations, stadiums, weddings, events, exhibitions, airports, schools, restaurants, bus terminals, etc. These LED video walls have both indoor as well as outdoor applications and have specific features that optimise their utility in these environments.

The audience engagement on indoor LED video wall panels is from up close. Hence, they have narrow pixel pitch that delivers clear pictures even at close range. Similarly, for an outdoor LED video wall display, durability against the forces of nature like rain and dust pollution are critical factors. Ösel outdoor displays have the most robust cabinets and panels that are designed to withstand such weather-induced damage.

This dynamic, stunning, and cutting-edge indoor LED video wall display is meant for those applications where image quality really matters. This low-cost, high-resolution LED display comes in a variety of sizes and is fully customizable. It can be used in any indoor LED video wall environment without the fear of washout. Some of its unique features include:


  • Superb Image Quality: High contrast black LED lamps provide a seamless and uniform black mask for exquisite images

  • Lightweight Cabinet: Ultra-slim die-casting aluminium panel makes transportation convenient and reduces labor charges

  • Swift Installation: Fast-lock design with adjustable side locks enables single-person installation

  • Easy Maintenance: Designed for accessibility, Ösel Edgester LED video wall display comes with front maintenance to avoid disassembly costs

Supreme-X uses the highest-quality components to deliver the brightest image quality and flicker-free video to catch the eye of the viewer with an outdoor LED video wall. Suitable for 24/7 operations in the harshest of environments, this outdoor LED video wall display has proven to be highly successful in engaging, informing and entertaining customers. Some of its unique features include:


  • Lightweight Design: Designed for single-person handling, each Supreme-X module is up to 35% lighter than traditional modules to reduce labor costs in both transportation and installation

  • Rugged and Durable: Supreme-X undergoes 360° water- and dust-proof tests to deliver an IP68 rating, ensuring it is strong enough to resist extreme weather and reliable for prolonged use

  • HDR Display Technology: High contrast ratio, excellent brightness and chromaticity make the visuals more clear and vivid to deliver a superior viewing experience for the spectators

  • Creative Installations: Integrated adjustable side locks allow wider visual angles and creative freedom for a variety of installation types

LED Video Wall FAQs


Why we should choose LED Video Walls?

LED video walls are giant LED screens for both indoor and outdoor applications. They are built with direct view (DV) LED displays that combine as a single unit to produce stunning images across large screens. Video walls have components that are responsible for conducting and emitting their own light.


Benefits to installing an LED video wall.

  • Lighting – It offers high brightness for high illumination in all application areas and delivers great picture quality even in broad daylight.
  • Reliability – It has a long lifespan of over 100,000 hours, is highly energy-efficient and has a very good refresh rate.
  • Installation – it has light weight cabinets that are easy to move and handle which makes installation fast and efficient.
  • Seamless – It has seamless splicing across the vast screen which means the bezels or seams of the modules are not visible, thereby ensuring great viewing experience.


Things to consider while choosing LED Video Wall

Video walls are very large screens and hence they need to be customized as per the location, available space, size of the display, kind of content to be displayed and the kind of maintenance required.


What can be displayed on a video wall?

Everything that can be displayed on a computer, can be displayed on an LED video wall although the audio won’t be required for outdoor applications.


Can I have multiple walls of different sizes?

Yes, certainly. In fact, our experts can also guide you in this matter.


What makes an LED video wall panel different from a consumer television?

An LED video wall is designed for large format commercial grade displays that deliver stunning picture quality never seen before on commercial grade displays. Compared to that, consumer television is a much smaller display with very little impact. The seamless splicing in the giant LED display screens offer higher reliability and durability.


Do you offer touch interactive video walls?

Yes, our video walls offer vast scope of customization as per the need of the user. Video walls in broadcast media studios or in conference stage backdrops invariably need such features.

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