Adhesive LED Display P4x8

Ösel Skylight Glaze self-adhesive transparent display is a revolutionary, sleek, lightweight and very easy-to-use transparent digital LED display solution, which can be pasted onto any glass surface. It comes in the form of a thin, see-through LED film having high transparency rate and a special self-adhesive material. This easy-to-install LED display has a stealth appearance that blends seamlessly with the glass surface and becomes unnoticeable, when the display is turned off.

Skylight Glaze self-adhesive transparent digital LED display has a pixel pitch of 4 x 8 mm and module size of 480 x 256 dots. The weight of a module is just 0.5 kg per square metre, which makes it very easy to handle and move. This super-light LED display offers 55% transparency, brightness of 8000 NIT and optimum viewing distance of 6 metres. These transparent digital signage solutions are available in several sizes and can be customized to meet the specific needs of users.


Slim and super light

Slim And Super Light

Ösel Skylight Glaze self-adhesive LED display measures only 1-3 mm and weighs just 0.5 kg per square metre and puts no pressure on the glass as it blends seamlessly with the surface. However, this thin film is also robust and durable.
Easy installation

Easiest Installation

The light weight of the Skylight Glaze self-adhesive LED display film doesn’t require conventional installation processes as it just needs to be stuck directly on to the glass surface. Its plug and play feature makes it really easy to use.
Transparent and flexible

Transparent And Fexible

Offering high transparency of 55% Skylight Glaze self-adhesive LED display ensures a good view of the interior while its flexible body structure can be used to customize the display as per the dimensions of the installation area.
Wide viewing angle

Wide Viewing Angel

Skylight Glaze self-adhesive LED display has a wide viewing angle of 160°, thereby eliminating all dead angles. Hence the images are all seamless and the colours perfectly blended. This offers excellent viewing experience for the audience.
Inegrated design

Integrated Design

The all-in-one, clean and perfect design of Skylight Glaze self-adhesive LED display ensures no components are visible on the screen and no heat dissipation system is needed. This vastly improves the aesthetics of the display solution.



Airport terminal buildings have many glass walls within their premises that can be optimally used for communicating vital messages via Skylight Glaze self-adhesive LED display. Such displays will not affect the transparency of the glass walls and also communicate vital messages to travellers using the airports.


Skylight Glaze self-adhesive LED screens in hotels are perfectly suited for the multiple glass walls that adorn them. They not only retain high transparency of these glass walls but also display high quality messages in relation to the special offers at the coffee shop, bar, restaurant, as well as front office updates.


The front office, library, laboratories, faculty enclosures, senior faculty and administrative offices occasionally have glass walls that can be used optimally for communication with students. Skylight Glaze self-adhesive LED display on such glass surfaces perfectly balance high transparency with clear images.

Shopping mall

Skylight Glaze self-adhesive LED display screens are ideally suited for communicating to the massive crowds that visit high end shopping malls all throughout the week. The high transparency quotient of these displays along with their ease of use are major advantages for malls using these superb displays.

More Details

Pixel Pitch 4 x 8
Transparency 55%
Module Size(mm) 480 x 256
Module Weight(KG) 0.5 kg
Suitable Viewing Distance (m) ≥6
Brightness ≤8000

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