Outdoor LED Display for Hotels

Digital Signage for Hotels and Resorts

The hospitality industry today can be summed up in two words: Guest experience. The competition is fierce, and it’s not easy to seal the loyalties of the young, free-spending, and always-connected Gen-X. But with the help of digital signage, hotel and resort properties can deliver an immersive experience even before the guests walk up to the reception desk. Here’s how:

Outdoor Branding

By installing Ösel’s outdoor LED near the hotel entrance, properties can not only enhance their brand value, they can also use the vibrant display to apprise the guests with the hotel’s best features

Building Beautification

Ösel’s Crescent Panels (aka curved LEDs) look magnificent on hotels and resort building which have cylindrical or curved walls. Use their 360-degree viewing angle to impress your guests like never before!

Upgrade the overall hotel experience with our wide range of indoor solutions for hotels and resorts. Click below to learn more.

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