Outdoor LED Display for Shopping Malls

Mall Branding

By installing Ösel’s outdoor LED at the entrance of the shopping mall, you will not only enhance your brand value, but you can also use the vibrant display to showcase the mall’s different sections

We recommend: Mesh LED Display, Moving LED Sign, and Full-Color Lamp Display

Building Beautification

Ösel’s all-weather, ultra-rugged outdoor LED displays will add to the beauty of any shopping mall and command the attention of visitors and passersby in an unparalleled and impressive manner

We recommend: Crescent Panel (aka Curved LED Display) and Mesh LED Display

Outdoor Advertising

Your tenants will scramble to rent Ösel’s outdoor LED screens strategically installed in high foot traffic areas outside the mall once they see how many eyeballs they can grab by advertising there

We recommend: Mesh LED Display, Flexible LED Display, and Full-Color Lamp Display

Upgrade the overall retail experience for your customers with our wide range of indoor solutions for a shopping mall. Click below to learn more.

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