Do you design and manufacture all LED products by yourself?
Unlike other industry players who import LED products, at Ösel, all LED display solutions are designed, engineered, and manufactured at the in-house production unit. Having our own manufacturing facility allows us to provide the most intricate solutions to our clients, customized to perfection.
What is the maximum size of display that you can design?
At Ösel, our motto is to convert your vision into a reality. If you can dream it, we can design it. When it comes to developing your dream display, we are completely open with shapes, sizes, and curvatures.
How do I know which solution is the best for my needs?
A number of factors are taken into consideration while zeroing down on the best display solution. These include:

  • The market which the solution is catering to
  • The content to be displayed (graphics or just text)
  • Any specific screen resolution requirements
  • Where the solution will be installed (outdoors/indoors)
  • Distance from which content will be viewed
  • Power and budget constraints, etc.

Simply answer a few of our questions and our expert technicians will hook you up with the perfect display solution according to your needs and market applications.

How are indoor displays different from outdoor displays?
The outdoor environment is much more demanding than indoor installation surroundings. Everything from the display case to the LEDs used are designed specially to withstand the harsh outdoor elements, like high wind speeds, constant exposure to sunlight, etc. Moreover, the brightness of outdoor screens also needs to be much higher for optimum viewing during daytime.
Are power requirements different for different displays?
The power usage is directly related to the size and pixel pitch of the display solution chosen by you. These power requirements are clearly communicated in the proposal we send to you, making it easy for you to ensure that your installation location is fully prepared for the energy demands.
How do you mount display solutions?
In accordance with the specific installation instructions communicated by the client, Ösel designs displays that can be hung, mounted to a surface, or simply stand independently.
How are display screens serviced?
Depending on the serviceability attributes demanding by our customers, our screens can be designed and engineered with either full front installation and serviceability options or full back installation and serviceability features. Our best-in-class service and support program ensures that you will never be left wanting when it comes to corner-to-corner service requirements.
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