Transparent LED Poster

Designed to get you noticed, Ösel’s transparent LED posters are sleek, lightweight, and extremely easy to use. Balancing high brightness with high transparency quotient, this solution is extremely versatile can be used for a number of cases… Shop windows, announcements, event promotions, restaurant specials, drive-through advertising – you are only limited by your imagination!

Features and benefits

Unparalleled transparency: Non-LED posters block natural daylight and don’t allow shoppers to see inside. Our transparent LED posters allow natural daylight to filter in, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Brighter than bright: Unlike paper posters, projectors and LCDs which cannot be seen from a distance or in broad daylight, our LED posters are visible 24/7. And they come with super high-density pixel pitch too!

Modular design: Available in both out-of-the-box sizes and custom sizes, our transparent LED posters are designed with lightweight aluminum and Ösel’s proprietary LED technology.

Low maintenance: Easy to setup and install, these posters require minimal maintenance. Even when the lifecycle of the LED strip gets exhausted, you can replace it quickly without replacing the entire module.

Dynamic content update: You can showcase static or video content easily with our intuitive program management software. Update content as frequently and regularly as you wish!

LED Parameters

Parameters Brightness View Angle(H/v) Wavelength
Red LED 385~501mcd 120°±5° 618-623.5nm
Green LED 740~962mcd 120°±5° 511.5-516nm
Blue LED 195~254mcd 120°±5° 463.5-467.7nm

LED Chips

Specification Details
LED SMD SMD1921 Outdoor/SMD2121 Indoor


Specification Details
Pixel Pitch 3.91mm
Module Pixel ICN2038S
Module Resolution 128*16Dots
Module resolution 2048 Dots
Cabinet Size(Width*Height) 1000*500mm
Module Quality 256*64dots
Pixel Density 32,768 Dots/m2
Material Aluminium
Cabinet Weight 3.5KG
Brightness 1200-5500cd/m2
Best View Angle H140°,V140°
Min. View Distance ≥3m
Grey Level 16bit
Color 281 Trillion
Fresh Rate >1920HZ
Screen Weight 14kg/m2
Hours ≥10,000H
Waterproof IP43
Temperature -20°C~+60°C or -40°C~+60°C
Humidity 10%-85%RH
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