Ambience Mall, Gurugram is one of the largest malls in Delhi NCR and houses almost all the major retail brands both national and international. The mall has plenty of space inside for display of large format signage advertising and marketing communication.


Most of the indoor display signage space is taken up by static print displays that dominate the market right now. Replacing these static print signage displays with digital LED signage displays is necessary but cannot be done in a hurry. After all, a digital signage display requires substantial investment initially as it involves a whole range of components and software integration.

Finding high quality indoor LED digital signage displays meeting international standards at reasonable cost is quite difficult in India. Almost all the suppliers operating in India currently, source all or most of their material and components from overseas. As a result their digital signage display systems become expensive with the addition of import tariffs and transportation costs.

After sales servicing is also a major issue with digital signage display systems built with mostly or entirely imported components. The Ambience Mall management considered these factors and had to wait for a product with supply chain based entirely in India.


Ösel Tech is the first Indian company that offers such international quality digital signage display systems at reasonable cost as it manufactures these systems entirely in India at its ultra-modern facility in Greater Noida, Delhi NCR.

The management in Ambience Mall wanted a digital signage display system that offers international quality performance, durability and functionality at a reasonable cost. Ösel’s P3 indoor LED digital signage display system not only meets all these conditions but offers much more.


The benefits that Ambience Mall got in terms of performance of the Ösel P3 indoor display systems are many – high definition pictures, wide viewing angle, high refresh rate, seamless splicing and zero noise. These display systems also have high durability as the cabinets are strong and robust, allowing quick assembling and disassembling. The excellent functionality through intelligent control and remote monitoring of content is highly appreciated by the mall management.


Ambience Mall is now experiencing a new and much higher level of operational efficiency with the Ösel LED digital signage display systems. They are now able to offer this display space to many more brands that want to communicate with the multitudes of people who visit Ambience Mall every day. It’s a new revenue model for the mall management that offers many times more revenues as compared to static print signage displays.

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