Doordarshan is the national broadcaster of India with a countrywide network of studios and with headquarters at Mandi House in New Delhi. Doordarshan have been using a few rented video walls in its studios at the Mandi House headquarters and a few other locations across the country. As the national broadcaster with the largest network of TV stations and the most widespread assets, Doordarshan has the largest audience watching its programs across the country.


The national broadcaster is now revamping its display infrastructure with large video wall backdrops in its news studios and is looking for high quality products from reliable Indian manufacturers. This was the first time ever that Doordarshan was going to buy video walls and the challenge for Ösel was to install state-of-the-art display screens in locations where the normal broadcasting functions needed to continue without any hurdles.


To overcome this problem, the Ösel team worked only during the nights after all major programs of Doordarshan ran through their course during the day. A total of 10 video walls were to be installed across the different studios in the Mandi House headquarters of Doordarshan and all of these sites needed to be made ready for the installations with the floors getting a makeover including the desired levelling needed for the installation.


The display quality of news-related programs in Doordarshan is much better now with the capabilities offered by Ösel’s video wall. With 100,000 hours of service life offered by the Osel video wall, it’s now easier for Doordarshan to operate these giant screens 24/7. The dynamic display solution with Cloud tech integration, enables Doordarshan to seamlessly display news and updates and provide a much better viewing experience for the millions who watch its programs.

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