Indoor LED Display for Education

Today’s students are digital natives. It is hard to create an impression on them with static messages. Which is why a New Age educational institute must cut through the paper clutter and give itself a facelift it truly needs and deserves. Ösel’s stunning indoor LED digital signage installations will not just draw the attention of your students and visitors, they will keep them engaged with relevant and consistent messaging.


LED displays at the school or college’s reception can be used to broadcast welcome messages and share important policies and fee structures with parents and visitors. You can also showcase students’ achievements here


Indoor LED displays in hallways can be used for a variety of purposes, such as wayfinding, important announcements, showcasing school/college newsletter, students’ achievements, house points, sports events, etc.


Say goodbye to the hassle of printing backdrops for every event. Transform your foundation day, annual events, convocations, seminars, et al into a visual delight with Ösel’s state-of-the-art indoor LED solutions


Display the various food and drink options along with their nutritional information in a pleasing an attractive manner with digital menu boards. When the break time is about to get over, the displays can announce that as well

Bulletin board

Convert your static bulletin boards into digital and share multiple information pieces at once: weather updates, time, class schedule, emergency contacts, school rules and policy reminders, examination results, etc.


Recognize the achievements of students and school/college teams, display important championship dates, or simply share motivational messages for competing teams with our brilliant digital displays for indoor arenas

That’s not all. For a complete digital makeover of your educational institution, use Ösel’s cutting-edge outdoor LED displays as well. Click below to know more.

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