Indoor LED Video Wall for Hotels, Club and Restaurants

Ösel LED video walls can create a stunning impact on viewers inside hotel and club atriums, dance halls, banquets, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. The demography visiting such hotels and atriums are affluent and upwardly mobile and hence, they form a core target group for premium brands. LED video walls in specific locations inside hotels and clubs can create a huge impact on this audience.

Major hotels and clubs usually have many displays at different locations inside their premises. LED display screens instead of static displays in specific locations inside hotels and clubs can create a huge impact on viewers. Ösel indoor LED video walls offer excellent digital out of home (DOOH) display solutions for hotels and clubs especially inside the atriums, dance halls, banquets, coffee shops, bars and restaurants. The hotels and clubs are generally visited by the affluent and upwardly mobile professional classes who will appreciate high quality displays promoting important updates and special offers.


Lightweight Cabinet

Lightweight Cabinet

Ultra-slim die-casting aluminium panel makes transportation convenient and reduces labor charges
Superb image quality

Superb Image Quality

High contrast black LED lamps provide a seamless and uniform black mask for exquisite images
Swift installation

Swift Installation

Fast-lock design with adjustable side locks enables single-person installation
Easy maintenance

Easy Maintenance

Designed for accessibility, Ösel Edgester LED video wall display comes with front maintenance to avoid disassembly costs

Unbeatable in Today’s Display Solutions Market

The different locations inside hotels and clubs where LED display screens are installed, have their own importance in terms of the message conveyed and the service provided. For instance, an LED video wall in the hotel or club’s lobby atrium can display multiple messages but the messaging would be different inside a banquet hall hosting a specific event like a wedding ceremony or a corporate conference. Displaying live images of the event is a much better option here than multiple messages that are not connected to the event. Ösel’s indoor LED display screens offer excellent picture quality even at close range as it has narrow pixel pitch and seamless splicing.

LED Display For Hotel

Digital signage has emerged as a crucial brand-image builder for hotels and resorts, helping these properties to deliver an immersive experience that matches the expectations of today’s millennials.

Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Education

Today’s students are digital natives. It is hard to create an impression on them with static messages. Which is why a New Age educational institute must cut through the paper clutter and give itself a facelift it truly needs and deserves.

Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Airport

Though there would always be those who like to live life on the edge and arrive at the gates just as they were closing, the majority of flyers habitually reach the airport with lots of time to spare.

Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Shopping Mall

The retail sector in India is going through a fresh period of growth. But even as retail spaces mushroom throughout the country, not all are able to operate successfully.

Indoor Outdoor

LED Display For Command & Control Center

Information hubs like command and control centers have unique needs when it comes to visualization solutions. When rapid and data streams need to be continuously processed, you need a system that is flexible, responsive and available 24×7.

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LED Display For Broadcast

There are few industries that are as dynamic and fast-paced as broadcast.When data and video footage streams in from multiple sources 24×7, the display solutions used by broadcast industry need to be robust, dependable, immersive, and realistic.

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LED Display For Corporate

Corporate communications is a serious factor contributing to the success of businesses. Osel’s digital LED signage solutions enable businesses to take their corporate communications beyond desktop and mobile devices to large format display both indoors as well as outdoors.

Case Study On Ambience Mall

Ambience Mall, Gurugram is one of the largest malls in Delhi NCR and houses almost all the major retail brands both national and international. The mall has plenty of space inside for display of large format signage advertising and marketing communication.

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