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January 3, 2020
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January 31, 2020

Prof. Shmaile Nabi, Expert on Hydroponics Conducts a Seminar at Ösel

Remove term: Hydroponics Conducts a Seminar Hydroponics Conducts a Seminar

Green office spaces are increasingly becoming popular everywhere and Ösel has been quick to catch up with this refreshing trend. Professor Shmaile Nabi, an international speaker on the benefits of hydroponics, today conducted a seminar at Ösel where he explained the excellent benefits of using hydroponics to grow plants, indoors. The seminar was well-attended by the entire staff at Ösel, Infratech and other group companies, who listened to the professor and also asked good questions.

What is hydroponics and what makes it so effective?

As the name suggests, hydroponics is the method of growing and sustaining small, green and leafy plants indoors without soil and just on water. Professor Nabi explained that an economical organic compound, which acts as a plant stimulant, is necessary for successfully growing plants using this method. The other major advantage of hydroponics is that it doesn’t require watering of the plants since they thrive on water only. The plants consume very little water in the absence of soil and there’s no excess evaporation either.

Excellent for physical and mental health

Plants and greenery are the major source of oxygen and when they are available both at the workplace as well as at home, they have a positive effect on mental and physical health. Moreover, when plants can be grown and maintained so easily with hydroponics, it is an added advantage for a company like Ösel that offers world-class digital signage solutions in India. Ösel’s dynamic displays are the best replacement for static polyvinyl chloride (PVC) flex signage that dominates the large format display market in India. PVC flex is a highly polluting single use plastic (SUP) causing enormous damage to the environment.

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