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Why Are Marketers Relying on AOOH (Audio Out of Home) More than Ever?

In recent years, marketers have had a hard time dealing with the challenges of the COVID pandemic. One of the biggest challenges was to speak directly with customers during the COVID era. During the COVID pandemic, customers relied on online shopping and didn’t visit physical stores. However, customers are now returning to physical stores post-COVID. Storekeepers have to engage with the customers in the post-COVID era under some restrictions. For example, many places have social distancing rules for shoppers in physical stores. To tackle this problem, marketers are now relying on AOOH advertisements. Read on to know the pros of AOOH advertisement in 2022.

Talk directly to the customers with the AOOH advertisement

According to the latest reports, around 86% of customers will be back to grocery stores. Around 54% of people have started visiting restaurants in the post-COVID era. When more and more people are coming back to physical stores, there is a need for man-to-man interaction. However, the COVID protocols make it tough to interact directly with the customers. Things aren’t similar for marketers as before the COVID pandemic. It is why marketers now rely on AOOH to talk directly to customers. There is no compulsion that an AOOH solution can only be placed inside a physical store. One can place an AOOH solution in a public space to bring back customers to physical stores.

AOOH advertising is programmable and helps in broadcasting audio ads directly to the customers. For example, consider a retail store that needs to broadcast the latest schemes, products, and discounts to the consumer. Instead of relying on outdated pamphlet advertisements, one can simply broadcast the latest offers inside the retail store. The retail store does not need employees to convey the latest information to the customers. It can also help the retail store to operate smoothly even when there is a staff shortage. With a data-driven strategy, marketers can reach directly to customers with AOOH advertising.

AOOH advertisement for tackling supply chain issues

Marketers often have to deal with supply chain issues and product shortages. Such instances can frustrate a customer as their demands are not fulfilled. With an AOOH advertisement, marketers can convey special messages to their in-store customers. If any product has a limited stock, you can inform the in-store customers with an AOOH solution. You have to prioritise the needs of your in-store customers over anything.

Boost the in-store experience with AOOH

When visiting physical stores, customers often find it hard to navigate. The real hassle arises when there aren’t enough employees to assist the customers. With a reliable AOOH solution, you can boost the customer experience. In-store traffic can be easily managed via an AOOH solution. Start using a reliable AOOH solution in 2022!

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