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Here’s How Automotive Digital Signage Is Boosting Revenue for Showrooms?

The automotive industry is growing at a phenomenal pace in the Southeast Asian region. You will be amazed to learn that over 2.45 million units were sold during 2020. An increasing preference to commuting using personal vehicles post the COVID-19 pandemic has given a major push to automobile sales. If you compare the pre and post-pandemic stats of the percentage of people (South-East Asian) who like to drive, you will notice a 15% difference. The percentage has increased from 37 pre-pandemic to 52 post-pandemic.

Digital signage in car showrooms

Another important factor that has helped to boost sales for the automotive industry is the presence of digital signage. Let’s delve deeper into how automotive digital signage has helped to transform car showrooms.

1. Better customer experience

Digital signage is being extensively used inside car showrooms to create a better customer experience. Showroom digital signage is being strategically placed at the entrance aids in welcoming customers inside the store with attention-grabbing graphic content. It can also help to create a strong brand recall by emphasizing the brand milestones, history and vision on digital screens.

2. High impact visual showcase

Larger than life images of cars can be displayed to visitors using dynamic video walls. This helps to add a wow factor that boosts excitement and creates a desire to purchase a vehicle among the target audience. High impact visual showcase can also encourage customers to take a test drive and increase the chances of them buying a car. This ultimately leads to a higher topline for your showroom.

3. Create new promotions with ease

With the combination of reliable digital signage hardware and software, one can easily create new promotions for car showrooms. Creating new marketing material won’t be a task when you have the right tools. You can also easily revise your offers and create customized ones too. Updating display boards in real-time can help you promote sales on overstocked items.

4. Sell without a salesperson

Many a time, customers are not very fond of salespeople who are hell-bent on convincing them to buy a given product. This situation can be remedied using modern digital signage tools that can easily highlight the benefits of using a product. It can also help to showcase different applications and use cases vividly that can help to drive more sales for the company.

5. Address your customer’s concerns

Visual content is easy to grasp for the customers and it can help to address and clear any doubts that they might have regarding a product. When it comes to purchasing a car or a bike, people want to know about the after-sale services including maintenance services that they can avail.

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