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4 Interesting Ways How Hybrid Workspaces Are Changing Communications


The COVID-19 pandemic will surely be seen as a defining moment in history. A new normal has been established post the coronavirus pandemic. Businesses are rapidly going digital and remote workplaces are in trend. The office work culture has also changed drastically given that more people are working from their homes and in remote settings. Having an effective communication strategy is a must if you want to create a productive setting.

What is a hybrid workplace?

A hybrid workplace can be explained as a flexible workplace model that is created to address the needs of a diverse workforce in an organization. A hybrid work culture facilitates a combination of work from home and time in the office. The nationwide lockdowns forced companies to allow their employees to work from home. Work from home became popular and many people found it far more productive than going to the office. However, not everyone has a good homework environment and some jobs require face to face communication to get things done effectively. Let’s delve deeper into how hybrid workplaces might impact communications soon.

1. Elevated internal communications

The role played by internal communications in the smooth functioning of a business has always been undermined. The vitality of the role has been in the spotlight during the pandemic period. The sudden switch from a regular workplace to a remote setting and then to a hybrid culture has made it clear how important internal communication is. The internal communications team along with IT, HR and front-line managers are working in conjunction to help employees in doing their job productively.

2. Employee experience is crucial

Employee experience can be defined as the journey of an employee in a given organization. This entails the progression from the onboarding process to the retirement process. It takes into consideration various factors such as workplace, work-life balance, relationships, wellbeing. To create a positive employee experience, caring for the employees constantly is a must. This requires involving your employees in the decision-making processing and gathering work-related feedback regularly.

3. A mobile-first communication approach

A mobile-first communication strategy helps to remove any unwanted complications and also saves a lot of time. The millennial and the GenZ population accounts for over 1/3rd of the workforce. These are the people who are tech-savvy and rely heavily on the use of mobile phones to get things done.

4. Visual communication matters

The internet-powered digital era requires visual communication to help make sense of every bit of the information transmitted. With the increasing adoption of mobile and online channels for communication, the reliance on visual communication has increased.

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