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Improve In-store Marketing with Digital Signage

Businesses spend a lot when it comes to marketing campaigns and cable TV advertisements. However, they miss the most important aspect of marketing i.e., in-store marketing. In-store marketing helps to engage customers that have stepped into your physical store or warehouse. Customers won’t take much in leaving your store if they aren’t satisfied. It is where in-store marketing converts the store visitors into customers by fulfilling their needs. Read on to know how digital signage is the right solution for in-store marketing.

Digital signage for your sale outlets or warehouses

According to studies, more than 80% of purchasing decisions are taken by customers after arriving in a store. You can compel the store visitors to make purchases from your store with digital signage. Digital signage is a way of displaying messages on LED screens in your stores. Businesses have been using digital signage solutions for advertisements in public spaces. It a high time that businesses should realise that digital signage solutions can also be used inside the stores. Let us see how digital signage solutions boost in-store marketing.

Provide personalised support to customers

By displaying marketing messages in real-time inside your stores, you can lure customers into making purchases. With interactive displays that deliver product information, the customer will have a personalised experience. Customers will feel like that someone is assisting them in making purchasing decisions during their visit to the store.

Wayfinding with digital signage solutions

Many stores are now using digital signage solutions for guiding customers to the correct location inside the store. You can display which type of products can be found in which section of your store. Digital wayfinding will increase the satisfaction level of customers. They don’t have to lurk unnecessarily for finding any particular product. Not to forget, digital wayfinding will reduce the need for manual labour in assisting the in-store customers.

Product visualisation with digital signage

Digital signage solutions can display static as well as dynamic content. You can display product demonstrations, use cases, precautions, and much more in your stores. The customer can find all the information regarding a product on LED screens. With the help of product information, customers can make their own decisions. If your products are seasonal, you can display them via digital signage solutions to your in-store customers.

Besides, digital wayfinding and product visualisation, digital signage is also effective in running loyalty programs. You can display the information regarding your loyalty programs on LED screens in your store. The interested customers will themselves walk to you and register for the loyalty program.


If you are looking for an effective digital signage solution, you can select Oseltech. Its digital signage application comes with a content management system that lets you modify your messages anytime. Boost your in-store marketing with digital signage!

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