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November 12, 2021
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How to Slash Advertisement Costs with Digital Signage?

A business has to spend funds on different aspects of operations. From overhead costs to supply chain costs, a lot has to be managed. Have you ever wondered how much you spend on placing conventional signboards in your offices, stores, and warehouses? Well, you can save a lot by replacing conventional signboards with digital signage solutions. Not to forget, many businesses are using digital signage in 2021 to slash marketing costs. Read on to know how digital signage slashes advertisement costs.

Understanding digital signage

Digital signages are LED display boards that are used to showcase promotional messages. Any useful information can also be displayed on LED boards. Digital signage is a type of DOOH (Digital Out of Home) technique. When you visit any public place, you can see many digital displays with promotional messages. Gone are the days when businesses only used banners and posters for advertisement. With digital signage, you can catch the attention of customers in no time.

Cutting maintenance costs with digital signage

Banners and conventional signboards are prone to wear and tear. They are not durable enough to stand in adverse weather conditions. Also, marketers need to change the message displayed on signboards or banners at frequent intervals. If you have made a conventional signboard for the latest discount, you will have to discard it after the discount expires. Then, you will have to make another signboard based on the current discount offer.

It is why businesses are using digital signage solutions that are durable. A digital signage solution can display numerous messages based on your requirement. You don’t have to invest in new signboards every time. You just have to update your message on the LED display. A digital signage solution will be costly than a single banner. However, in the long run, digital signage will help you in slashing advertisement costs significantly.

Versatility with digital signage solutions

There is no compulsion to use digital signage only for advertisement. You can use LED displays as signboards in your warehouses or offices. In your stores, you can display current order numbers, products available, and much more. Digital signage can be used for different purposes and helps in reducing the overhead expenses incurred by a business.

You do not have to recruit marketers for managing your signboards and posters. With a digital signage solution that comes with a CMS, you can get the control in your hands. You can display advertising messages at different timings based on customer demographics.


Businesses looking for a reliable digital signage solution in 2021 can choose Oseltech. Its digital signage solution comes with a built-in CMS which, is known as Donkey Player. You can display static and dynamic content on numerous locations with Donkey Player.

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