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How Digital Signage Will Revolutionize the Immersive Experience Industry?

Digital signage technology has been a game-changer for the immersive experience industry. An immersive experience can be explained as a visual & audio experience that pulls the viewers into a different world (imagined or real) where they can interact with the surroundings. The immersive experience setup leverages a blend of visuals, sound and technology to deliver an engaging and unforgettable experience. This setup requires a roust technological infrastructure, this is where digital signage comes into the picture. Before we jump into how digital signage will revolutionize the immersive experience industry, let’s take a look into the different types of immersive experience technologies available.

  1. Virtual Reality (VR)

A Virtual Reality setup can be explained as a computer-generated simulation of a three-dimensional environment where the users can interact with different elements of the setup. They might need special equipment such as a helmet with a digital screen, sensor-enabled gloves, etc.

  1. Augmented Reality (AR)

Augmented Reality can be explained as an amalgamation of the real world with interactive digital elements. Are you familiar with the popular game ‘Pokemon Go’? In this setup, the virtual objects are placed as per the geolocated coordinates. The AR technology is also extensively used to overlay moving content on static flat content.

  1. Mixed Reality

Mixed reality is among the most interesting immersive experience setup that you will witness. It is a fusion of virtual and holographic images which requires the users to wear special glasses to view the same. Apart from being the future of the gaming industry, it has several other applications.

Direct view LED and immersive experience

Immersive experiences using direct view LEDs have been a massive hit among the audience. LED displays have a got a new dimension with the immersive experience technology that is highly captivating for the audience. Numerous factors make direct view LEDs a compatible companion, some of these include design, flexibility, scalability, decreased cost, better technology, advanced software, sophisticated processing, etc. Let’s take a look into some prominent immersive experience applications for LED display technology.


The 21st Century museums are not just limited to rustic statues and objects in an indoor setup. Digital technology has revamped how museums present artwork to visitors. The traditional museum presentation approach has been transformed using digital signage. Digital galleries are here to stay as it helps to create a more refined and engaging experience for the visitors. The amalgamation of immersive experience technology with digital signage in museums can create ground-breaking educational opportunities.


One of the most prominent uses of the immersive experience technology has been in the entertainment industry. To make the silver screen more immersive for the audience, players in the entertainment domain have been continuously trying to improve the infrastructure. Fine pitch LEDs have evolved to accommodate the shooting of movie scenes which earlier required giant screens.

Osel Technology is among the leading players in the Indian digital signage industry that offers a wide range of digital signage solutions for diverse needs.

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