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How Digital Signage Complements a Brand’s Marketing Strategy?

The role and definition of marketing have changed in the contemporary digital era. Today, marketing is more tech-intensive and highly driven by data. One of the factors that have influenced offline marketing drastically is the advent of digital signage. Digital signage tools and applications play a crucial role in marketing a product or service to customers. It helps to present the offer in a more lucrative manner that catches more eyeballs. In addition to this, it is more dynamic and descriptive, making the communication more efficient without losing the essence of the message. Let’s take a deep dive into how digital signage complement’s a brand’s marketing strategy.

1. Brand recall and awareness

A strong brand recall is needed to create a lasting impression on the audience. One of the most important objectives of any marketing campaign is to create a strong brand recall that can help customers easily identify a given brand from the crowd. It is quite important in this competitive era where the level of competition is cut-throat. Brand awareness is very important if you want to create a sustainable business. As per a research report, it was found that digital signage has an over 83% recall rate. This is almost twice the mainstream traditional advertising campaigns.

2. Promote new offerings effectively

Launching new products and services doesn’t require over the top efforts as it used to with traditional advertising and marketing approaches. Digital signage has made it easier to launch a new product or service. One can easily upload a detailed product video on their digital signage screens to educate consumers about their new offerings. In addition to this, it also aids to amplify other marketing campaigns like social media marketing and traditional advertising.

3. Boost sales

The main goal of any marketing campaign is to boost the ROI and increase the sales figures. Over 80% of brands that are using digital signage have seen significant growth in sales. One of the major reasons behind this fact is that digital signage mediums offer a better way to advertise your products to customers. It is more informative and can educate your customers even on complex products. This couldn’t be achieved using traditional marketing tools. In addition to this, businesses can boost up sales using digital signage tools. In-store digital signage displays such as video walls, commercial tablets, interactive screens, digital kiosks, etc. have been shown to drive purchase.

4. A better tool for customer engagement

People are increasingly relying on e-commerce services to purchase goods using their smart devices. This has impacted physical retail stores and to overcome this challenge they need to deliver an exceptional customer experience. This can be achieved using digital signage displays that can help to interact and engage with the customers in a better way.

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