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Here’s How to Design Eye-Catchy Digital Signage Content for Your Audience

In the contemporary period, digital signage technology is ubiquitous. All major industries and businesses are relying on digital signage tools to make marketing and communication more efficient. It has been a game-changer for retail shop owners who employ digital signage at every step of the way. From queue management to instant checkouts, it has made everything easier. One of the major challenges that businesses face while deploying digital signage technology is related to designing attractive digital signage content. It might look easier but it is quite tricky. Let’s take a deep dive into how one can easily create eye-catchy digital signage content.

1. Find the right resolution and aspect ratio

Identifying the right resolution measures and aspect ratio should be your first step in designing eye-catchy digital signage content. Imagine showing stretched and distorted images to your customers on the big screen. Well, it won’t go well with them, to say the least. It might hamper your brand’s image and popularity among the audience. The resolution is a measure of the number of Pixels Per Inch (PPI). The aspect ratio on the other hand defines the width of an image to its height. The mainstream commercial screens have a 1080p and measure 1920*1080 pixels.

2. Select high-quality images that catch the eye

Did you know that the human brain can process an image almost 60k times faster than plain text? Well, it’s not just limited to this. Over 90% of information transmitted to the brain is visual. In short, the images you put up on your digital signage displays can be a game-changer if they are high quality. You must always choose high-quality images that are also attention-grabbing. You should source your images from quality stock photo libraries instead of any random website. Poor quality images can also be associated with poor quality products.

3. Choosing the right font and text style

If you are wondering that something so insignificant can’t improve the performance of your digital signage, you might be wrong. Choosing the right font and text style can give a major upgrade to your content being displayed on digital signage mediums. Right font style might vary depending on what message you want to convey to your customers. It depends on the tonality you want to inculcate using your fonts. It is recommended that you should not use more than 2 fonts in a single design. Large text and bold styles have been shown to improve the readability count. It is also advised to keep the fonts larger to help viewers read from a significant distance.

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