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How to Effectively Future Proof Your Digital Signage Game?

Investing in digital signage tools and technology has proved to be worthwhile for a large number of businesses in this digital era. People are accustomed to seeing digital signage in stores, hospitals, airports, schools, colleges, etc. They are finding it more convenient to rely on the digital signage infrastructure. Digital signage technology has very broad applications ranging from entertainment & education to marketing and advertisements. Future-proofing your digital signage is a must and requires detailed insights into this technology. Let’s delve deeper into how you can future-proof your digital signage.

  1. Always opt for a commercial grade screen

Selecting the right display screen to showcase marketing and communication-related content is crucial if you want to make your digital signage campaign successful. One of the most important advantages of using digital signage is that is highly eco-friendly. Most digital signage tools have a life span of around 8-10 years (100,000 hours) on average. Displaying information using the right grade screen is important if you are looking for a sustainable solution. Choosing the wrong grade screen might not get you a sustainable and long-lasting technology.

  1. Choose the right screen display

The second step in future-proofing your digital signage is related to choosing the right screen display. Digital signage was a revolutionary technology in the early stages and it has set a new norm. Over time, there have been many new technological changes to enhance the digital experience. Traditionally, the display screen used to rely on Cold Cathode Fluorescent Lamps (CCFL) to illuminate images on the screen using backlighting. In the contemporary, there are better technologies for displaying images. You can choose an LCD or LED screen depending on your needs.

  1. Buy a reliable software

Digital signage is not just about hardware. Digital signage applications/software plays a crucial role in the success of your digital signage campaigns. It is recommended to purchase a future-proof digital signage software. The evolution of digital signage software has enhanced the design capabilities of users everywhere. When you choose the wrong software, you are indirectly limiting the potential of your content and reducing your target audience count in the process. Donkey Player by Osel Technology is among the best digital signage software that you can rely on to provide a dynamic experience.

  1. Go with the right media player

To function smoothly the digital signage setup requires two hardware components, the screen and the media player. Media players are a type of micro-PCs that sit behind the screen. It is responsible for playing the content on your display screens using a digital signage application in real-time. You can opt for either an internal or an external media player, depending on your subjective needs.


Osel Technology is among the industry leaders in the digital signage space providing a wide range of digital signage related hardware and software solutions.

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