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The Role of Digital Signage in Building Naked Highways

Digital signage technology has been a major game-changer for various segments. It has a special significance when it comes to transportation and road safety. Uninterruptedly delivering real-time information helps to effectively communicate the warning signs which aids in preventing accidents. Physical road signs that were being used traditionally doesn’t have that big an impact on people which the digital signs have. This has led to the creation of Naked Highways that are powered using modern-age digital signage tools. Let’s delve deeper to understand better.

Understanding ‘Naked Highway’

“Naked Highway” is a term that has been given to roads that do not carry physical roadside signs to alert drivers and passengers. The physical roadside signs could range from speed limit signs, stop signs, smart motorway gantries, etc. The concept behind creating a naked highway is to transmit information digitally directly to vehicles. It entails the development of digital signage on roadways that pushes people to engage and indulge in a new way of information sharing. Modern-age digital signage tools will play a crucial role in building the highways of the future.

Why this digital development is considered good?

As we progress further in the digital age, people are getting more accustomed to everything digital. Gradually they will be more comfortable with digital signage on roads and physical signs will become a thing of the past. Real-time information sharing is the need of the hour and deep internet penetration has made it possible. Companies like Tesla have realised the importance of real-time updates and their vehicles has the features that allow for ‘over the air’ updates. In a time where connected driving is becoming the norm, digital infrastructure is required to provide a seamless driving experience on highways and other road networks.

Digital signage is also crucial from a safety and security standpoint. Drivers and passengers need to know relevant information promptly to avoid any mishappening. Some motorways do have speed limits to control the traffic on the roads effectively and avoid any accidents. Drivers need to know about the real-time updates, they need to be aware of any accidents or obstacles in the route that might hamper their travel. It can help to save a lot of time for people who need to urgently reach somewhere.

How incorporating digital signage will be better than using the maps feature?

Effective digital signage tools that can be used in vehicles will provide a different experience from the digital maps that exist today. The information shown on digital maps are useful but mostly it is not that accurate or immediate. Suppose there has been an accident in the route, this information will be communicated based on the driver’s feedback who are passing on a given route. Many a time, people take time to report these situations on digital apps. These drawbacks will be taken care of with effective digital signage tools.

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