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Leveraging Digital Signage for Efficient Command and Control Operations

The advanced digital world relies on the use of efficient technologies to communicate important messages without compromising on their essence. Digital signage has been an integral part of this digital transformation. The applications and use of digital signage technology are not just limited to retails stores but has gradually expanded to even command and control operations. LED video walls, a high-performing digital signage tool can easily transform the traditional control room design with a modern touch. This aids in implementing better safety and security measures which helps to improve the rescue and response time during local, national or even global crises.

Importance of digital signage in command & control centres

Command and control centres are used to monitor crises, effectively deploy response teams into the impacted area. Control operations require a team effort and coordination is crucial to managing a team operation. Digital signage tools play a crucial role when it comes to coordinating efforts and communicating important information effectively. In critical areas like military and homeland security, the command centres are responsible for enabling tactical operations and threat assessment.

Law enforcement and public safety agencies increasingly rely on using command and control centres for surveillance and security. High-functioning command and control setup is essential for the success of critical and time-sensitive operations. Control rooms require a display technology that can deliver uninterrupted, and accurate visuals without compromising on the quality of output. This is where top-notch digital signage solutions like Osel Premia can be used to facilitate effective surveillance and monitoring.

Performing a wide range of emergency response functions requires technologically advanced command and control room setup. These control room displays need to continuously depict critical information in an easy-to-understand format. In addition to this, the command & control centres require uninterrupted access to multiple information streams. In a crisis, the security team needs to hear from multiple sources and they also require visuals from different angles.

Osel Premia Plus: The perfect match

Digital signage tools like Osel Premia can be used to create a high-functioning command and control room setup without compromising on any aspect of the operations. The Osel Premia Plus offers an interactive & high-performing LED display screen that can be used as a boardroom or meeting room display solution. The Osel Premia Plus, a 135-inch interactive multi-touch LED display has a lot to offer. Some of the most interesting features include an integrated projector, electronic whiteboard, computer, TV & speaker, mirror function, etc. It is also highly efficient for setting up a robust command and control centre that is equipped with all essential features required to ease the surveillance, monitoring and rescue operations.

Osel Technology is among the industry leaders in the digital signage space that offers a comprehensive digital signage solution for a wide range of applications.




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