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Here’s What You Can Expect from a Digitally Connected Restaurant / A Glimpse into a Digitally Connected Restaurant

Over the past decade, everything has got a smart makeover. From mobile phones to your televisions and classrooms, everything has been upgraded with the help of technology to improve our lifestyles and living standard. You must have noticed digital menu boards in restaurants, this is just the beginning of what digitally connected restaurants promise. Let’s delve deeper to understand what the digitally connected restaurants of the future might offer.

1. Digital menu boards

Most fast-food restaurants have adopted digital menu boards which allows them to display their menu items and update the same in real-time. Most digital menu boards in the contemporary also feature a QR code that you can scan using your smartphones to open the menu on your phones. Traditionally, in most fast-food restaurants you have to stand in long queues and think on your feet when your turn comes. A digitally connected restaurant will surely offer this facility which makes it more convenient for the customers to place an order at their own pace.

2. Smart ordering and integrated payment channels

Most of the restaurants that you visit might offer digital QR codes that you can scan to view the menu. However, a digitally connected restaurant will offer you more than just a digital menu. You can easily even place an order by tapping on the menu items of your choice. This allows you to avoid long queues and stick in waiting lines. It is also easier for the restaurants to manage orders without spending money on a human resource that can individually cater to customers.

3. Queue Management System

Queue Management System (QMS) help restaurants and other commercial places to manage long queues easily. QMS systems are commonplace today in most banks, restaurants, hospitals, amusement parks, etc. Digital signage displays help to display the queue status for customers waiting in line. It helps to simplify things for the restaurant staff so that they can prioritise important tasks at hand. Customers can easily sit in their designated place and accept their order when it’s their turn instead of standing for hours.

4. Interactive signage for entertainment

Once you have addressed the comfort and convenience queries of your customers, you can easily focus on the next most important thing that is entertainment. The importance of entertainment in restaurants and food chains is growing as people see it as a place to socialise. Entertainment options will automatically add value to the place. To increase interest from the customers, restaurants can have gaming competitions and offer free drinks/snacks to winners. Digital signage solutions can help to create the right atmosphere for gaming & entertainment.

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