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How Are Digital Billboards Redefining Protests and Rallies?

In recent years, activism has gained hype. People have now started to speak out about atrocities, injustice, and government mistakes. However, the landscape of protests and rallies has changed in recent years. For example, social media is now playing a huge role in getting people together for a rally or protest. According to the latest trends, activists are now relying on mobile digital billboards for conveying their message. Gone are the ways when posters and pamphlets were the only things used in a protest/rally. Read on to know the benefits of digital billboards for activists in 2022.

Enhance the impact of your message with a digital billboard

When it comes to a rally or a protest, the main message should stand out. If the rally has only a huge crowd, outsiders cannot understand the motive of the rally. The make the message clear, a digital billboard is the best choice. Also, digital billboards are mobile and allow activists to share controversial viewpoints easily. Even if there is a huge crowd, a digital billboard can stand out. It is much better than a chart or poster, which cannot be visible from a distance.

According to the latest reports, around 55% of people report seeing a digital billboard. People are more reactive to a digital billboard than a poster or pamphlet. The main objective of a rally or protest is to get your message to the outside world. One can manipulate the font style/size of a digital billboard message to stand out. One can easily attract hyper-targeted audiences with the help of a digital billboard.

Create a social buzz with digital billboards

Activists often use social media platforms to gain hype. One should try to leverage the power of social media platforms and digital billboards to gather a crowd for their rally/protest. Social media is a world driven by hashtags. With digital billboards, you can display effective messages and hashtags to drive engagement. Often, people click photos of a rally and share them on social media platforms to gain popularity. If news reporters are there to cover your rally, give them something eye-catching with digital billboards. With a mobile billboard, you can go viral on social media platforms. When attendees will share eye-catching messages on digital billboards, more people will become a part of your protest.

Slash outdoor advertising costs

Before starting any rally or protest, activists decide the budget needed. They often think about the costs needed for outdoor advertising. Digital billboards are among the most economical means of outdoor advertising. You don’t have to design your message every day in a rally. With a digital billboard, you can change your message when needed. Start using digital signage solutions for rallies and protests!

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