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How Do Digital Signage Solutions Help with Job Offer Promotions?

How to Advertise Your Job Openings with Digital Signage Solutions?

When a company releases job openings, it also thinks of better advertisement. Better advertisement of your job openings will invite more applicants. You will have a large pool of applicants to choose from. Gone are the days when recruiters believed in pamphlets or print media advertisements. With the power of DOOH, companies are now advertising their job openings without stepping outside. The recent innovations in DOOH advertisement have helped companies advertise their job openings to a great extent. Read on to know how digital signage solutions can help you with recruitment.

How DOOH help in promoting your job openings?

According to stats, more than 45% of applicants go home and search about the job vacancy after seeing an outdoor digital display. With the rollout of COVID vaccines, people are now less hesitant in stepping out of their homes. With more people socialising, companies have the opportunity to attract more applicants for job openings. When people are at their homes, you can catch their attention via social media ads, OTT ads, etc. However, many companies don’t have much of an advertising strategy for outdoor spaces. Digital signage solutions can help companies catch the attention of people even when they are away from their multimedia devices.

The consequences of digital fatigue can be seen at present. Many people are tired of seeing advertisements on smartphones and laptops. DOOH advertisement is a lot different from other forms of digital advertisement. It allows viewers to take a look and understand the message quickly when outdoors. Digital signage solutions can be placed at positions where they cannot be skipped. For example, you can place a job opening advertisement at a popular transit point to attract applicants.

Overly crowded job sites

Job sites like LinkedIn and Indeed are now crowded with recruiters looking for ideal employees. As a result, one has fewer chances of finding ideal candidates due to increased competition. Instead of increasing more crowd on job sites, you can think out of the box for advertising job openings. A big digital display in a crowded place can help you reach more audiences. You can place a large LED display just outside your recruitment office. It will surely attract more applicants to apply for the job openings in your office. The world as you know is changing, and you need to think differently than traditional job boards.


By placing a few digital displays across the city, you can attract many applicants for your job openings. Make sure to put your contact number or website address on the digital display. It will help the viewers to follow up on your job advertisement. Adopt a digital signage strategy for effective recruitment!

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