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Digital Signage Solutions with Face Detection: The Buzz of the 21st Century for Retailers

How Can Retailers Leverage the Power of LED Displays with Face Detection?

Marketers in the retail industry have to continuously adapt to the changing needs/demands of the customer. Applications of digital signage have already entered the retail industry. Now, it is time for innovation in digital signage solutions and increasing customer engagement. With innovative digital signage solutions, you can gain much more than posters or print media advertisements. LED displays with face detection is the latest trend in digital signage solutions. Read on to know the pros of digital signage solutions with face detection technology.

Challenges for retailers in choosing digital signage solutions

LED displays for advertisement isn’t a new thing. People are now used to seeing digital displays at public spaces, shops, and other locations. Retail marketers need to think out of the box for increasing customer engagement. Since it is getting harder to catch the eye of the customers, retailers are coming up with innovative digital signage solutions.

Retail marketers are also having issues measuring the effectiveness of their digital signage campaigns. The latest trends show retailers are looking for digital signage solutions that can help them collect customer information. A digital signage solution with face detection will let you collect user information.

Audience measurement with face detection LEDs

Face detection technology separated the facial regions from static elements. Movement of nose, mouth, and eyes can be detected by a face recogniser. The integration of face detection technology with digital signage solutions offers a huge advantage. At the end of the day, you can get to know the exact number of viewers that interacted with your digital signage solution. You can integrate an analytics solution with your digital displays to collect deep insights. A face detector can also find the age group and gender of viewers interacting with your digital display.

Display digital signage content as per the audience

A digital display with face detection can identify the gender of the viewers. You can optimise your digital signage content according to the gender and age group of the audience. If a man is watching your LED display, you can advertise men’s accessories available in your store. You can show kids products when children interact with your LED display.

Look at the privacy restrictions for face detection solutions

Retailers should know the difference between facial detection and facial recognition. The facial detection technology only conveys the gender, facial expressions, and age group of the viewer. Facial recognition is used to match the facial identity of viewers from the database. Many locations have local laws for the use of facial detection technology in public spaces. Make sure you review the local laws before using a digital signage solution with facial detection technology.

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