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March 28, 2022
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How Can Realtors Leverage the Power of Digital Signage

Can Digital Signage Solutions Be Used for Real Estate Advertisement?

Are you still distributing pamphlets for advertising a new property? Realtors have now started using technology to their advantage to reach a greater audience. Besides expanding their target audience, realtors can also boost brand awareness with digital signage solutions. Many realtors still believe that LED boards can only be used to advertise products and tools. Well, you can use digital signage solutions for promoting anything, especially properties and houses. Read on to know how realtors can leverage the power of digital signage solutions.

Digital signage advertisement for realtors in 2022

People do search for real estate properties on social media sites. However, there are many real estate agencies trying to leverage the power of social media at present. As a result, the digital space for real estate advertisements is overly crowded. You need a digital solution that helps you stand out amidst the crowd. Digital signage solutions will catch the attention of the viewers who like to buy a property. They will experience something different and will be immediately attracted to the realtor.

Digital signage solutions are counted as high-impact advertising solutions. For example, consider a LED display showcasing new properties at a highway toll point. Daily, many passengers will stop at the checkpoint to pay the toll taxes. With a single LED display, you will catch the attention of many real estate customers. Not to forget, digital signage applications for real estate advertising are also cost-effective. It is better to place LED boards at crowded spots in the city than to distribute pamphlets in every house.

What should I advertise via digital displays as a realtor?

Digital signage solutions can help realtors offer an immersive experience to the customers. You can provide any information related to your real estate business via digital displays. You can display your real estate properties on sale, events, or tours via digital displays. You can also tease the audience about an upcoming real estate project via digital displays. Many realtors display the starting price of properties on an LED board to rope in new customers.

Besides the information, you can also choose multiple media formats for real estate advertisements. On a LED display, you can display text, images, or any other media element to catch the attention of real estate customers. You have the freedom to be creative and engaging while designing your digital signage content.


You can place an LED display outside your real estate office. It will catch the eye of real estate customers driving/passing by. You can also provide your contact number on the LED display along with the real estate agency/agent name. Boost your real estate business with digital signage solutions in 2022!

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