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How to Leverage the Power of a Digital Signage Display on a Highway?

You may have a powerful image on a billboard or digital display on a highway, but you need to share information in a precise form with the audience. Digital signage solutions on highways are viewed by the audience as they drive by. Usually, people drive at a faster speed on highways. Many highways have a minimum speed limit of around 50 Km/hour. As a result, you only have a few seconds to convey information to the audience. Your digital signage message should be precise, clear, and compelling. Read on to know how to leverage the power of a digital signage display on a highway.

Choose the size of the digital display according to the average speed 

Consider a highway, where the minimum/average speed limit is 35 km/hr. As per the minimum/average speed limit, the by-passers will look on the digital signage display for around three seconds. As per the average speed limit, your letters should not be less than 7 inches in height. By doing so, your digital signage message will be visible to the passengers when they are too close to the display. You need to increase the size of your letters as the speed on the vehicles increases. The faster a vehicle goes, the lesser is the time for the passengers to read your message.

You can take some time to research before putting out your digital display on a highway. If data for average speed on any particular highway is available, use it to design your digital signage solution. Besides the message, the size of your digital billboard and letters also matters. Make sure you keep the spacing between letters/words the same throughout the digital signage message.

Some tips to leverage the power of a roadside digital display

Don’t mix two font styles in your digital signage message. It will add to further confusion as the passer-by will not have a good viewing experience. Some ideal fonts for outdoor digital signage messages are Arial, Garamond, Trajan, Calibri, and Futura. Don’t go for tilted or fancy fonts for your digital signage message. Another trick for increasing the viewing experience is using uppercase and lowercase characters. With the right mix of uppercase and lowercase letters, you can catch the attention of passengers on a highway.

Many advertisers ignore the sign surroundings while placing a digital billboard on a highway. Passengers may ignore your digital display if it is hidden behind trees. If there is an eatery on the highway, place your digital display around it. There are more chances of passengers stopping at an eatery and seeing your digital billboard. You can also test the lighting conditions on the highway before placing your digital display. Get the most out of your highway digital display!

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