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Mistakes Not to Make While Creating Digital Signage Content in 2022

Digital signage has changed the way businesses used to connect with their customers. From in-store navigation to interactive kiosks, there are numerous digital signage applications in the industry. If you want to leverage the power of digital signage solutions, you need to plan your content accordingly. Mistakes could sneak into your digital signage content and hamper customer engagement. If you are just starting, you should know the common mistakes in digital signage content and how to avoid them. Continue reading to know some common mistakes not to make while creating digital signage content in 2022.

Lower content quality

Low-resolution images and videos will not affect the audience. Your LED displays should offer a great visual experience to the target audience. Besides quality in terms of resolution, you also have to care about quality in terms of comprehension. Unclear or mixed messages are not easy to be comprehended by the audience. For example, consider you have placed LED displays at a railway station. If your messages aren’t clear, viewers will not waste any time comprehending them. They will ignore your digital signage display and walk away.

Outdated digital signage content

You need to update your digital signage content at frequent intervals for better results. What’s the point of displaying a sale offer that has expired? Customers will not feel excited after watching expired information. Fill your digital signage content with the latest and catchy information.

Lengthy content

How much time will a customer spend in front of your LED display? Usually, customers see LED displays while passing by and, there isn’t much time. If your LED display has lengthy paras, viewers might ignore it. Plan your digital signage content such that it could be comprehended in under five seconds.

You can use lengthy messages at places where the viewers will spend more time. For example, people spend more time dining at an eatery. Your lengthy paras might be read by people coming to a restaurant.

Inadequate content density

If you are placing your LED display in a waiting area, there are greater chances of viewers reading it. You can display dense content and, viewers might have time to read it. However, if you display dense content in public spaces, viewers will ignore it. In public spaces, you need to display content in large font to catch the attention of viewers. Choose a font style that can be easily comprehended by the viewers. Sans-Serif fonts are ideal for displaying your digital signage content.

In a nutshell

Scheduling and updating your digital signage content is a must. For easy content modification, you can use Donkey Player which, is a digital signage solution launched by Oseltech. Start creating effective digital signage content in 2022!

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