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February 11, 2020
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March 2, 2020

Improvement in Quality of Education With LED Display in India

LED Display in India

The Indian education system is world class in certain areas and has very poor standards in certain other areas. There are over 500 government run universities and around 300 private universities across the country. Many of these government-run universities have a track record that indicates they are slow in using technology for functioning more efficiently. There is no dearth of infrastructure since these universities have large campuses, staff and scores of students to manage, which requires efficient communication, mostly in real time. Doing so on indoor LED display board and screens across the campus usually helps the management achieve its objectives in the university.

Improving instruction delivery in classrooms

Students pursuing higher education in India still have to go through the outdated rote-learning process. It is effective to a certain extent in school but is not at all recommended in higher education. The text book is an important element of education and nobody wants it out of the education system. However, in the era of LED display in India, the method of learning is already making a huge difference to the education system wherever they have been tried and is now accepted as the best mode of imparting education.

Ways of keeping in touch with the faculty

The faculty rooms in any educational institution is extremely important because these are the hubs of the teachers where they are usually available when not teaching in a class. There are usually many faculty rooms in a university corresponding to the number of departments it has. The management of the educational institution must have easy access to the faculty rooms since the teachers are the vital bridge between the university management and the students. An indoor LED display board can enhance communication between the faculty and the university management.

Engaging visitors and new students

The administrative wing of an educational institution is where students and their parents or guardians first come in contact with the institution. This makes it an extremely important place for the institution to communicate with its audience and present it in the best possible way to make the right impression. Although use of LED display in India is not all that widespread currently, many educational institutions have already started using this mode of display. Promotional videos of labs, libraries, classroom and recreational facilities can be shown on the display screens to make the right impact.

Use of digital display screen in classrooms and laboratories

The use of audio visuals and graphics make a qualitative difference in the standard of instruction delivered to students. For instance, a teacher of physics or chemistry today need not waste time in scribbling illustrations on the blackboard to explain a particular law or phenomenon. On an indoor LED display board s/he can make use of the most advanced graphical videos to explain the lessons with a lot more clarity and ease. They will also save a lot of time in doing so and at the end it would be the students who will gain from it.

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