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Simplifying Global Internal Communication with Effective Digital Signage

Digital signage has helped businesses across the globe to function productively by removing any impediments that underlie the communication process. In the contemporary corporate landscape, business operations are not just limited to given geography and having an effective communication framework is a must to bind the global workforce together. Workplace communication can be tricky as it involves a mix of different approaches. It can include written instructions, face-to-face communication, conversing with co-workers on their desks, etc.

Challenges with global workforce communication

Let’s take a quick look into the challenges that exist in internal global workforce communication.

1. Language barriers

While creating a robust global communication strategy it is important to think about the languages that are spoken in your target geography. As per a research report that was conducted on over 4000 employees, it was found that deciphering unclear communications guidelines cost the organization around 40 minutes of productivity each day. You must take the languages spoken by employees in other countries into consideration and develop a communication strategy accordingly. Interpreting in language interpretation technology is crucial for a smooth sail.

2. Culture differences

When your business is expanded across different nations globally, there are bound to be cultural differences that need to be taken care of. Every country has its own cultural and linguistic blends. Things that are normal in one culture might not be considered normal in a different culture. Things like holidays, meals, rituals, arts, etc. are an important part of the culture and must be factored in. Not addressing cultural differences can lead to internal vexation.

3. Time zone

Another important challenge that can pose problems for an international setup includes the time zone difference. Global internal communications are influenced by time zones in different ways. From organising work-related travel to collaborating with an overseas workforce, there can be challenges at each step of the way. Getting everyone on a live call to discuss a time-sensitive matter is one of the biggest communication-related challenges that arise due to a difference in the time zones.

It is important to note that workplace communication is not limited by office space, especially in the post-pandemic era where companies have adopted a hybrid or remote work culture. Managing effective communication with a geographically scattered workforce can be challenging when you are not relying on digital signage tools and applications. Managing global internal communications is not just limited to video conferencing through Zoom or Google Meet. It also involves engaging with your remote workers and sending messages simultaneously to all locations.

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