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January 11, 2022
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How Digital Signage Will Boost Customer Engagement in 2022?

Do you know that the digital signage industry will be worth more than USD 25 billion by the end of 2026? Gone are the days when marketers relied on print advertisements to boost customer engagement. In this modern era, marketers have to provide digital solutions to engage customers. You cannot force customers to be at a place you want in 2022. Instead, you have to reach places where the customers are. Continue reading to know how digital signage will boost customer engagement in 2022.

Digital signage and the pandemic chronicle

During the recent COVID pandemic, marketers found it hard to execute man-to-man interaction. Many business organisations felt the need to install voice-based interfaces to interact with customers. Since man-to-man interaction wasn’t possible during the pandemic, the demand for digital signage grew. One could see many digital signage applications at public places during the pandemic. Digital signage applications displayed COVID-related instructions, time, directions, and much more. Digital signage kiosks were installed at several public places to monitor temperatures.

Digital signage solutions have completely disrupted the way information was conveyed to customers. Not to forget, digital signage solutions can help customers navigate easily in commercial spaces without any human intervention. Now that businesses and consumers have got the taste of digital signage, there is no backing down. One cannot ignore the fact that digital signage solutions can be updated remotely with ease. As more and more businesses are moving towards hyper-automation, digital signage seems to be a viable solution.

Continuous innovation in digital signage solutions

You can always explore new ways of boosting customer engagement with digital signage. As new-age technologies are rising, the chance of innovation in digital signage is also growing. For example, a Stockholm-based pharmaceutical company recently launched an anti-smoking billboard with built-in smoke detectors. Similarly, motion sensors, temperature sensors, face recognizers, and many other things can be integrated with digital signage solutions. Many firms are executing innovative product launches with the help of digital signage solutions.

When you do something different with digital signage, customers tend to notice it. Not to forget, you are providing them with more information to make better decisions. By combining new-age technologies with digital signage solutions, you can provide a personalised experience to customers. New-age technologies like NLP, IoT, AI, and ML are constantly fuelling innovation in the digital signage industry. Around 80% of consumers prefer personalised marketing and, digital signage can help you achieve it.

In a nutshell

If you are looking to boost your customer engagement in 2022, you can rely on Oseltech. It will provide you with Donkey Player, which is an effective digital signage solution with an integrated CMS. Integrate your digital signage solution with new-age technologies to boost customer engagement in 2022!

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