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April 17, 2018
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April 30, 2018

Using Digital Signage to Connect With Generation Z in Schools

Digital Signage for education

School management bodies are increasingly realizing the importance of digital signage as a bridge between the 21st-century students and their older teachers

If Millennials were the first demographic cohort to own a home computer, Generation Z – aka Post-Millennials or those born after the year 2000 – is the first generation of ‘digital natives’ growing up in the era of smartphones.

To connect with these 21st-century students, schools first need to understand that since Gen Z has always found itself surround by digital technology, they tend to gravitate toward it naturally. These students are more comfortable with new technologies than any of their predecessors. They are always glued to the Internet. And they have even developed their own language for computer-mediated communication – LOL, IMO, OTP (One True Pair, not One-Time Password), etc.

The teachers of the 21st century, meanwhile, have an average age of 40+ and are married, according to the National Education Association of the United States. These educators come with years of teaching experience but get intimidated on seeing how much technology-related knowledge their students have. So, whenever they are exposed to new technologies, they feel they are being dragged out of their comfort zones.

Therefore, to ensure that the Gen Z students and their older teachers can be brought on the same page, it has become very important for educational institutes to find a platform both demographics can relate to. Enter digital signage.

Educational institutes are increasingly realizing the importance of digital signage as an effective and efficient communication tool in the changing academic landscape. Digital signage has emerged as a platform which is dynamic and eye-catching enough to grab the attention of young students, and at the same time, it is a simple enough technology for older teachers to operate and manage on their own.

From sharing important messages and alerts in real time to showcasing student achievements, indoor and outdoor LED screens have given schools a way to pass on a multitude of information on a single canvas. Digital signage in the education sector can be used for:

  • Engaging, informing, and entertaining students, parents, visitors, and faculty
  • Making the school’s brand image stronger
  • Sharing easily-managed, customized messages in different locations
  • Providing a cost-effective wayfinding mechanism
  • Delivering emergency information instantaneously

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Digital signage for schools and colleges is so versatile, it can even make money for academic institutes when students are off for their summer breaks! Wondering how? Check back for our next blog post.

Meanwhile, if you are looking for the best LED screen supplier in Delhi, get in touch with Ösel Tech today and take advantage of their competitive pricing which makes the best LED screens affordable in even the tightest educational budgets. And if you know someone who would like this article, scroll up and use our easy-share buttons to share this article on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and LinkedIn.

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