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3 Reasons Digital Signage is a Must for Amusement Parks

Any amusement park worth its salt would capture a substantial visitor base on a regular basis. And the bottom-line growth of these places depends on the customer experience they deliver to kids and adults alike. Digital signage goes a long way in keeping visitors safe, informed, and entertained in large public venues like amusement parks. Here’s how…


Keeping guests safe is a primary concern for any amusement park and there is no better medium to deliver safety instructions than a digital display board. Digital signage is not only engaging when it comes to ensuring that the guests actually follow the instructions, a visual medium also imparts the information more clearly than a printed board wherein an instruction may be misinterpreted by the reader.


Amusement parks usually see huge wait lines for popular rides. And one of the most annoying parts for any visitor is to just wait in the queue without knowing how much time it will take for them to reach the front. Digital signage can help lessen the stress levels by keeping guests informed about the wait times for rides and attractions. This way, the guest can decide whether they want to join the queue or check out something else. It helps them to plan their day better and boosts their happiness level.


For the all the people who are waiting in queues, digital signage can help reduce the perceived wait time by keeping them entertained. A strategically placed LED display board can be used to showcase videos and animations of popular cartoon characters or to enthrall the crowds with stunning illusions. Facts and trivia can also be shared to keep the guests engaged and happy.

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